Reasons The Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You'll Ever Have

Reasons The Blunt Friend Is The Best Friend You’ll Ever Have

Almost all of us have blunt friends. And yes, they seem rude and insensitive. But guess what? These friends are just misunderstood.

They seem rude because they are too honest, and they are this honest because they care so deeply. So, consider yourself lucky to have this rare breed of a friend. To help put it into perspective, here are some reasons you should hold on to your blunt friend.

1. They Are Fun

Blunt friends are so special, and their quips so rare that they are such fun to be around. You can have a lot of unforgettable moments with this friend as they will give you a chance to experience and see things from a whole new and refreshing perspective.

2. They Speak The Truth, However Hurtful Or Uncomfortable

At the end of the day, we all like hearing the truth. So, even though a white lie might sound more palatable initially, in the end, we like the whole truth. That is precisely what a blunt friend can offer you. This friend tells you what you need to hear, not what you would prefer to hear.

3. They Make You A Better Friend And Person

When you befriend a blunt friend, you will become a better person as you will have the boldness to stand for the truth. By seeing their reactions to situations, you will be more confident about expressing your opinions, however unpopular they are. Pretending that you like something when you don't is a bad thing, and a blunt friend can help you avoid this.

4. They'll Tell It As It Is

Sometimes, having a friend who tells you the truth straight up is a precious thing. The last thing we want is to put ourselves in a situation where we are embarrassed or unfairly overwhelmed because a friend urged us on, rather than being just being truthful and say we're not ready. But a blunt friend will tell it as it is and not hold back.

5. A Blunt Friend Is A Pure Friend

Blunt friends have no middle ground. Once they are with you, they are with you all the way, and they won't fake friendships or take these relationships for granted. Even the small things like saying thanks can be the most precious thing you can give them because their concern is the purity of the relationship you have.

6. Damaging Passive-aggressive Games Are Not Their Thing

Blunt friends have little patience for silly mind games that regular friends sometimes play. This class of friends has no time to go around acting like friends when they aren't. When a blunt friend is your friend, he/she is your friend indeed.

7. They Are Morally Upright

Even though their bluntness might make them look crude and lacking in morals, don't let that make you think they have no sense of right and wrong. On the contrary, they don't think there should be a gray area when it comes to morality, which is why they are not afraid to take a stand even if it makes them seem insensitive. Honesty is a big deal for them, and what more could you ask of a friend?