Reality Star Fakes Own Kidnapping So She Can Get More OnlyFans Donations

reality star fakes own kidnapping so she can get more onlyfans donations

Masika Kalysha, Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood star, has resorted to faking her own kidnapping to enhance her OnlyFans earnings. She staged the capture and urged fans to spend more on her to secure her release.

She documented the fake encounter in a couple of videos. In the first video, the woman can be seen covered in fake wounds and cuts while wearing black undergarments.

As she cries, looking distressed, she claims:

Folks I got beat up. I don't have a clue how long I have. I got beat truly downright terrible they're coming.

reality star fakes own kidnapping so she can get more onlyfans donations

They said you all need to leave me tips and follow me so they can take the cash or they're not going to release me.

That sounds quite frightening.

Nonetheless, none of these allegations were true, and that pissed off a lot of people.

Serious Backlash, Videos Taken Down

Consequently, Masika has been forced to respond to the claims that she is trying to exploit her fans. She now claims that the first video was a stunt for a new show.


And yet, the two videos have been taken down from her account. She obviously couldn't stand the backlash they caused.

reality star fakes own kidnapping so she can get more onlyfans donations

One of the commenters describes how insensitive the star's actions were.

Being an actual victim of abuse, she sees such actions as a way to delegitimize real cases of abuse and all for a chance to make quick money through OnlyFans.


But the star has not stopped trying to explain her way out of the predicament:

I'm on fixed now shooting for my new show and this is all camera cosmetics, I'm absolutely fine, folks.

The star claims she did it to bring attention to human trafficking. But that makes little sense when you consider that she went as far as asking her fans to send her money.

Says Money Was For A Good Cause

However, she is still sticking to her story. The celebrity explains that the show is based on sex exploitation.


No matter what, that isn't a reason to make a financial appeal from strangers in such an exploitative manner. She explained:

I am sorry in the event that I terrified you folks yet it would be ideal if you kindly please follow the R.O.S.E. Association for more data. I had good intentions so I trust no one's excessively stirred up.

Her attempts to rope R.O.S.E. into the distasteful stunt were not taken politely.

Restore Overcome Sexual Exploitation, an organization that helps victims of exploitation, distanced itself from Masika's strategies. They also want nothing to do with the cash the star raises in such a manner.

OnlyFans has changed the financial fortunes for many people, with some resorting to ridiculous stunts to make cash on the platform. However, faking a kidnapping is probably a new low.