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Real Pickle Pickle Chips Could Be Your New Best Snack

Can you recall the hot summers, standing on driveways and enjoying satisfying gulps of cool water from the garden hose after enjoying some Dill Pickle chips? Of course, you do. Who could forget that?

That's quite a walk down memory lane, isn't it? But the smile on your face will probably fade when you remember how messy they were. And according to evidence, they are not very healthy either. Many people know this.


But cheer up! You now have other options besides potato chips. These days, you can enjoy the crispy, crunchy delight these snacks offer from all kinds of chips, including banana, kale, and even zucchini.

The upside of using these choices is that they are not as messy. Additionally, they are much healthier.

Unfortunately, they are not easy to acquire either. But Vlasic has been paying attention, and they have come up with chips made of real pickles. So, these are not just your ordinary pickle-flavored chips.


We couldn't agree more with what McGough, the executive vice-president of Conagra Brands, Inc., behind these snacks, had to say about them.

"Pickles has always been a flavor that people have loved in snacks."

The fact that pickles are so healthy earns them a lot of points. They are essentially free of calories and carbs.

But it's the new packaging that makes them so brilliant. You had to fish out the pickles out of a jar in the past, and that was 'inconvenient and messy.'


Vlasic managed to solve this problem by making pickle chips full of amazing, beloved flavors such as salty and briny.

However, the new chip recipe has not yet been rolled out to the public. It is 'still in development.'

There is also no clear timeline when the chips will be available for purchase at your local supermarket. However, we can tell you that you will be in a position to have them in bags of 4.25 oz (0.16 kg) once they are out.


But some people are way ahead of the game, and they have been making their own chips for some time now.

Personally, I cannot resist deep-fried pickles. They happen to be among my top favorite delights. And it's not that I fail to understand that they are not as healthy as baked pickle chips. What makes them irresistible to me is their amazing taste and the satisfaction they give me.

As the company was introducing the new chips, there were other products in the line-up. That's fine by us — it means you have many more choices as you use this company's products.


Anyway, these new products include puffed pork rinds, Oreo cups, and even fire fries.

I can only sit and wonder, where were these delightful snack innovations when we were little? That would have been an amazing time to be kids, wouldn't it?

But we can all admit that we are pretty excited that they are here. What a time to be alive! I can't wait for them to hit the shelves.