Real Men Protect The Women They Love, By All Means, They Don't Hurt Them

Real Men Protect The Women They Love, By All Means, They Don't Hurt Them

We learned plenty of things in our childhoods, including lessons that would model our behaviors and expectations as adults. One thing our loving parents taught us is that love is not meant to be complicated.

When you love, the person does not end up hurt, exploited, or feeling unworthy.

You don't fight to get love.

Instead, you do all you can to keep it alive because it comes naturally. But many times, we see people doing everything they can to win love, and usually from people who have none to spare.

There are a few truths women need to understand about true love.

Begging For Attention Is Not A Sign Of Love

When your boyfriend loves you, you don't walk around like a zombie because it has been days since you talked. If you go for so long without contact that you start doubting your self-worth or the stability of your relationship, then what you have can hardly be described as a loving relationship. A man who truly loves you does not avoid your calls and hurts you in the process.

Love Does Not Cause Suffering

Funnily enough, many women think love involves some form of hurt. For this reason, they have endured being with men who made them feel unworthy. In the process, predictably, their hearts were broken. That is not the way it should be. Understand that love should free you from pain and suffering, not add to it.

Any Guy Who Can Hurt You Doesn't Deserve You

You deserve to be with someone who does not have an easy time hurting your feelings. A man who can readily hurt you is not worthy of your love and affection.

Real men will make you think love is the most beautiful thing. The rest will make love feel like torture and even convince you that's the norm with their increasingly horrible behavior.

A man who loves you with all he has will not break your heart or worry you about such a possibility. You will feel safe and protected in the relationship you share with him because he will care about you with all he has. Any man who will willingly hurt you doesn't deserve you. You are better off without him in your life.

Take my word for it, this is the absolute truth about love.

So, don't waste your time settling for anything less. The next time a man has you confused about your relationship with him and causes you to cry from a broken heart, know that you deserve better and should be on your way in search of better pastures.

It would be far better to be alone than to stay in such a relationship. So, don't become one of the women who let a bad man stick around believing that love is supposed to be complicated.

True love is easy, and it makes you safe and happy, not miserable with pain and worries. And yes, you can only get it from a real man. So, do away with the pretenders and immature boys who have no idea what true love means.