Real Love Doesn't Care How Skinny Or Thick You Are

Real Love Doesn’t Care How Skinny Or Thick You Are

Your body doesn't define you. And once you find the person who loves your spirit, your focus will no longer be whether you're too thin or too curvy.

Stop looking at Photoshopped photos of supermodels and Instagram models. There's more to a woman than what's meet the eye. Despite that we know that men are more visual creatures, you have to believe that they are human. Just like you and me.


Take care of yourself for yourself

You don't need to exercise to get a bikini body, or whatever it is that kids call it today. The only real, proper reason is to improve your health.

And you don't eat healthily to lose weight and get the attention of men. It's merely to stay fit and improve your immune system. Taking care of yourself means including mind, body, and soul. If you are only focused on what you look like, then you're killing the most precious thing you have – your unique personality.


You are more than perfect boobs

Since you're not a Sims character, then you probably have cellulite, somewhat saggy boobs, and a tiny belly. You are not supposed to be perfect, because you are human.

The biggest misconception is that pretty, slim girls have comfortable lives. They are as insecure as the next person. But what's worse is that you fail to see them as human beings. There's nothing glamourous about celebrating your genetics and starving yourself. And trust me, most thin girls do not eat properly.


Love yourself unconditionally

Now that we know why you need to take care of your physical body, let's move on to more essential parts of everything you are. You're not your curvy butt, nor are you your full lips. And you know that you're not your thinking pattern or any other label. So, who are you?


You are everything you love about yourself. And, you are everything you dislike, but yet, you aren't obsessing over changing it. It's your choice: you can be just a pretty face, an empty vase, or, you can be someone whose heart is more significant than the universe.

What's love got to do with it

Here's the thing: the more you express self-love, gratitude, and learn to live with yourself, the more others will follow. Your self-confidence, passions, actions, that's what people genuinely want to see. And that's what real lovers need in their lives.


Pay no attention to comments from people who don't matter. They will call you names and make you feel uncomfortable. But, you're bigger and better than that. Maybe these people have their issues, or they are merely a-holes. Who cares? Either way, it was and will always be up to you to decide how you want others to perceive you. And real love will cherish that level of self-awareness!


Thick, thin, we are all women

If you're struggling with body image, think about the bigger picture. You may feel thick or too thin. But what matters is to show empathy and be kind to others, especially women. Why? Because we were taught to obey, to honor our men. And that's fine; it is a matter of choice. But, who will support you? Other women, that's who!


There's no right way to talk about body issues if we don't include all people in this conversation. Ask your male friends if they believe that cover girls truly look that great. And talk to your girlfriends about your issues. Most of us share the same fear that we aren't good enough. But if you put other women down, it will not make you feel any prettier.

Your body is a magnificent piece of art. It helps you move, drink, eat your favorites, it takes you places, and gives you ways to create memories. You can hide it. But you don't have to. Your booty might be large, and you can't fit into size 2. Will it matter in 10 years? When everything else fails, think about the life you want and your dreams. Real love, maybe kids and pets. Go and get it, focus on what you need, not what you want at this moment.


Everything is a matter of perception. What you find repulsive might be your future partner's treasure. But, let them see you, discover you! Real love is not thin, nor is it thick. It's nothing more or less than simply love!