Real Life Peter Pan, Jude Law, Will Play Captain Hook

Real Life Peter Pan, Jude Law, Will Play Captain Hook

Jude Law is ready for a live-action adaptation of Peter Pan, and he'll play Captain Hook. But, the British hunk is more like Peter himself than any other actor.

Before we dig into Jude Law's naughty past, let's talk about Disney's upcoming movie. It's called "Peter Pan & Wendy," and before it hits the new Disney plus, there's a chance we will see it in the theaters.

Before Neverland, Law played the sinister Pope in "The New Pope" and he's about to star in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" once again. Now, he may be married, but Jude's antics are epic and certainly part of pop culture.

Jude Law And Sienna Miller

real life peter pan, jude law, will play captain hook

The fashionable couple lasted for 10 years, on and off.

Sienna and Jude met while filming "Alfie" and it was love at first sight. The problem was: he was married to Sadie Frost.

Sadie Frost isn't internationally as known as Miller, but in Britain, she's a modern icon. Her BFF is Kate Moss, and she does everything: from designing to acting.


Anyway, Jude Law and Miller got together finally, but then he cheated on her with a nanny. The tabloids loved him back in the mid-2000s since the actor was always giving them cover stories.

Jude As The Baby Daddy Of Five

real life peter pan, jude law, will play captain hook

Law is a dad to five children. The oldest three are from his first marriage to Sadie Frost.

The fourth child's mom is Samantha Burke, while the fifth baby is Catherine Harding's. These relationships were brief, and Jude will become a father once again soon.

And since Sadie Frost had a child before Law, Jude's also a stepfather.

Jude Law VS Hugh Grant

real life peter pan, jude law, will play captain hook

Jude and Hugh Grant look like handsome gentlemen, though something is disturbing about their relationships with women.

Law is now husband to Phillipa Coan, and the couple is expecting their first child. Grant is the father of three, and after decades of changing partners like underwear, he's married as well.

There's something very Peter Pan-like when you refuse to grow up and be part of a mature relationship. On the other hand, it's better to be sure, and both actors sure do take their time before they say "I do."

Natural Nylon

real life peter pan, jude law, will play captain hook

Before Hollywood, Jude, his ex-wife Sadie, and his two best friends, Ewan McGregor and Johnny Lee Miller had a production company.

Soon to be Captain Hook and the "Trainspotting" star met when they were struggling actors and were roommates.

When Natural Nylon became a thing, they were all living on Primrose Hill, and alongside other famous Brits, they became the IT crowd.

Gallagher brothers and their ex-wives, James Bond, aka Daniel Craig, later Sienna Miller, are just some of the celebrities that lived and hung out in the area.


Yes, Sienna and Craig eventually got together as well. What a weird crowd!

They were trendsetters, with many rumors about their parties. But, the thing about these British artists is that they don't talk. So, whatever happened in the 90s or early 2000s will remain a mystery.

Why Jude's The law

real life peter pan, jude law, will play captain hook

Obviously, his private life was messy, but the 47-year-old actor has a great sense of humor and a certain amount of humility.

What's excellent about Law is that his roles speak for themselves. We are anxiously waiting to see him as Dr. Watson in "Sherlock Holmes 3", and "Peter Pan and Wendy," of course.

While we're waiting, let's remind you that the actor knows how to steal a movie. His role in "Anna Karenina" turned us against the leading character, played by Keira Knightley.

In "Contagion", he was not a pleasant guy, but in "The Holiday" he was his most charming self. "Enemy at the Gates" deserves more recognition, because it's a good story, with two extremely hot actors: Jude and Joseph Finnes.


Then, there's "Side Effects", another interesting role, and "Spy", a comedy that will make you understand that Jude Law would make the perfect Bond.

But, one of his most underrated and yet most honest movies is "Dom Hemingway". This drama will make you laugh, cry and you'll realize that Jude Law is a world-class master of acting.

Jude Law's Other Activities

real life peter pan, jude law, will play captain hook

Apart from making babies and movies, soon to be Captain Hook is involved with numerous charities and activities.

Alongside Blur's Damon Albarn, he supported Greenpeace, and both were vocal about Brexit and NATO bombings.

While it's no secret that Jude's a womanizer, he's not afraid of using his voice. And when we live in a world of problematic celebrities, at least Jude's actions are consensual.

And another good thing about the London actor is that he's not craving attention, nor is he parading in front of paparazzi. He's just doing his thing, acting, and trying to live his best life.

We are sure he'll make a fantastic villain, but he will remain the adorable Peter Pan of British cinema until the new generation starts acting out. With style, like Law taught us!