Real Friends Never Hide The Truth, Even If It Hurts

We all have those friends who would never care to tell you that you have lipstick on your teeth. A real friend will always risk telling you the truth, no matter how hurtful it may be. We indeed feel better when our friends come up with pleasant-sounding tales, but friends who hide the truth from us about things may end up embarrassing us after a while. A real friend will never fake the truth.

I thank God for real friends

Faking the truth will never change anything. Imagine making a mistake, and at the same time, your closest friend is busy congratulating you for what you are doing. A real friend will take a bold step, look you in the eye, and tell you that you are messing things up. A real friend cares about your well-being, and they can’t just sit and watch you make mistakes that can ruin your life. A friend who is honest with you, whether you like it or not, will not ruin your friendship. Instead, it will strengthen it.

Nobody is ever perfect, and a true friend acts as your guardian, showing you the way. Since they are always with you, they may even know you better than you know yourself.

The truth may not always sound pleasant, especially when you are doing something in confidence, thinking that you are 100% perfect when you are not. Real friends will always be honest and let you know that you’re doing something wrong. Telling you what you don’t want to hear doesn’t mean that they are undermining your efforts. Since they value you, they will choose to openly tell you rather than pretending that they are not aware of what is happening.

Imagine your friends know that someone is plotting to harm you, or they just caught your man with another woman, but they choose to shut up. Real friends will let you know. If they sense that you have a disturbing secret, they never rest until you have disclosed it, so that they can help you solve it.

Real friends will always be there for you even in times of despair. When you feel that you are completely heartbroken, they will comfort you and remind you that life is not always smooth, but they’re there to help you through.

Real friends take your safety as their responsibility

They will do everything for you and will never judge you. They will put up with whatever you are experiencing. They will congratulate you for the good things you do, they will scream and shout at you for your mistakes and slap you with the bitter truth, but they never make the mistake of judging you.

Friends are there to let you admit your mistakes and change your way of doing things.

They will always be there for you and shed light on your ways. They will ensure that you admit the uncensored truth and then encourage you to fly the right way.

My friend count might not be a million, but my few real friends are wonderful pillars in my life.

At the end of it all, you will find every reason to thank your few true friends for their unconditional support. They will always be there for you, and life wouldn’t make any sense without them.