Rather Than Waste Time On Jerks, Strong Women Prefer To Be Alone

Rather Than Waste Time On Jerks, Strong Women Prefer To Be Alone

A woman who knows her worth is headstrong and will let no one diminish her value. She knows what she wants, and she has no apologies to make for it.

She also knows what she doesn't want and will not hesitate to get it out of her life. That's right: she will not be made to settle for less.

A Strong Woman Will Pick Being Single To Being With A Jerk Any Day

A jerk is generally someone inconsiderate, emotionally unavailable, afraid of commitment, or immature.


So, while many women will swoon over bad boys with their impulsivity, open-mindedness, and extraversion, strong women will take a step back and really try to understand if that's what they want or not.

A man who is not committed to the relationship has no place in a strong woman's romance story. These women don't put up with nonsense. They have far too much self-confidence for that.

With this woman, authenticity takes center stage. They don't pretend. A strong woman does not dread being alone either. She knows that a little loneliness won't kill you.


She understands that happiness comes from within, not from other people.

The Only Thing Other People Can Do Is Add To Your Happiness Or Reduce It

They can't create it. That is your responsibility. For this reason, she will have no time for a man who cannot offer any form of emotional stability.


A strong woman does not use a relationship as a clutch to avoid being alone. A relationship with this woman and anyone who understands this should be about having a true connection to the other person.

In a relationship, there has to be compatibility and complementary personalities. These ingredients keep the relationship growing, and they help both parties move forward perpetually.

This should be a lesson to the rest of us, ladies. You should not give up your sense of self-worth to avoid being single.


You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Feels The Same Way You Feel Towards Them

Strong women would never fall for people who have no feelings for them. They are content waiting patiently until a man who truly deserves a place in their lives comes along.

Before that happens, they don't sit around lamenting their single lives. Instead, they work on themselves and their goals. They learn to find the happiness that comes from within by going after what they want.


Everyone should do this, but we focus entirely too much on what society will think of us because we are single.

So, if you are a strong woman, kudos! You are an inspiration to many, and you have your life in order. And if you are not, then you have plenty to learn from this special tribe of women.

But just for starters, don't shun being single: have the patience to wait for the right man and stop wasting your life on jerks.