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Raspberry Wine Fizzers On Sale At Target, They Explode Glitter When Dropped In A Glass Of Rose

Raspberry Wine Fizzers On Sale At Target, They Explode Glitter When Dropped In A Glass Of Rose

Time to have some fun guys and girls!

If you are a wine lover, you know the drill. Just pour yourself some of this beloved drink into a glass, sit back, sip away your worries while you have a great time.

But this, apparently, is an old school routine. Today, you can take things a little further and add more excitement to this cherished pastime.

What do I have to do, you ask?

It's simple: you just have to head to Target, which has decided to bless its wine-loving shoppers with wine fizzers featuring a raspberry flavor.


You have to try these. Seriously.


This Unique Product Is Part Of The Store's Wondershop Holiday Line

If you have a working knowledge of bath bombs, then you are well on your way to figuring out what this special product can do for you.

Once you get your hands on a set of these wine fizzers, get one and drop it in your wine glass.


What happens next is very exciting. The little bombs will make small gold and silver stars, and they have a delightful raspberry flavor.

I know you are wondering if these are edible. And the answer is yes, absolutely.

So, you don't have to watch out so you avoid swallowing them as you enjoy your drink. If that happens, you will have nothing to worry about.

A quick check of the ingredients in these bombs reveals that they consist of sugar, sodium bicarbonate, and cellulose. In other words, these fun products have nothing your body can't handle.


You want these, right? I know you do.

I have more good news for you.

A pack of six wine fizzers will only cost you $6. That is another way of saying you can get yourself a sizeable stock of these bombs without messing up your holiday budget.

There Is Another Amazing Thing About These Wine Bombs

They work with other drinks besides wine.


Sure, they will make a wine of glass look mesmerizingly beautiful, but they will do wonders for your cocktails as well.

Believe it or not, the bombs will even add plenty of excitement to an ordinary glass of water.

The lesson here is that with these amazing products, your possibilities will be practically endless.

So, while it's true these are made with a focus on wine lovers, you will not be denied a chance to get in on the fun at all if you don't see yourself downing a glass of wine.


At these prices, I have no idea why you would allow yourself to miss out on the incredible level of fun these fizzers can offer. I truly don't.