Rare Giant Equinox Supermoon March 20th 2019: Prepare For A Huge Energy Shift

With everything that’s going on in the world right now, there’s not much to be excited about. But the upcoming Supermoon on March the 20th is something to look forward to feasting our eyes on. When this beautiful moon shines in the night sky, it is going to be a fantastic sight, one that will be worth taking some time out to take it all in and appreciate. This moon will appear to be larger than usual. It will also seem like it is shining brighter, and it also coincides with the Spring Equinox.

This rare Supermoon, which is in Libra, also coincides with the Equinox and will be a full moon that is very close to the Earth. The moon gets its Supermoon title based on its combination of location, timing, and phase. The Supermoon will be closer to the Earth; this will give it the appearance of being much more extensive than usual.

Firstly the moon has to be at either its full moon phase or the opposite and be at the invisible new moon phase. From either of those phases, the moon’s orbit also has to be at the exact point where it is closest to the earth. Secondly, there’s the timing of this occurrence. Both factors have to coincide closely with a moon to claim the title of Supermoon.

While it’s the same for all Supermoons, they appear as if they are huge compared to the average size of the moon, and they also seem much brighter. But this particular one holds something extra special as it’s happening during the Spring Equinox on March 20th.

They are many significant things associated with this special lunar event in the scientific field. Possibly, the most obvious of those is the huge cosmic shift in energy that will accompany it. From an Astrological standpoint, the March Supermoon occurs when the sun is in Pisces and the moon is in Libra. This will bring to the surface a push-pull between being emotional, sensitive, and intense from the Pieces energy and being responsible and craving stability from the Libra energy. The result of these two energies hitting together will create bursts of life; you can choose whether to embrace this and grow with it or fight it and struggle against it.

Choosing to accept this shift with open arms and a positive attitude will have positive effects on you. Don’t try and fight it. Flow with it.

This is a fantastic time to re-evaluate your dreams and figure out how is the best way to get to where you want to be. Whatever goal you may have, now is the time to take stock of where you are. See what needs to change for you to reach your destination or what adjustments you need to make to keep your dreams in sight and on track.

This is a time to remain aware of your ego and don’t get involved in any ego-based arguments. It’s also a time to stay present and in the now and stay grounded and focused. Things will go so much smoother and flow better if you remain grounded and secure.

You may already feel the change in the lead up to March 20th; you may feel more emotional or sensitive than usual. Most tend to feel the difference in them during full moons; the energy of the moon at this time is more powerful. But with the proximity of this Supermoon, you will feel a supercharge on your feelings and emotions. By being extra conscious of staying grounded and present, you will cause less havoc on your emotional well being.

This is also an ideal time to heal and strengthen any rifts or misunderstandings with friends and family. The parent/child connection is particularly highlighted here; mostly, the focus should be on tending, respecting, and honoring our close relationships. If we want to grow and expand in life mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, then we will need the support of our loved ones. So make these relationships a priority at the time.

As already said above, with the moon being in Libra, Libra’s stability, security, and loving traits are at the forefront. Staying home will be at the top of your list of things to do. It’s a time to relax, enjoy a book, spend quality time with family in a comfortable, cozy, secure setting.

Get rid of the toxic people in your life. Any relationships that you’re having doubts about, or that leave you feeling drained, or put any restraints on you, should be looked at and re-evaluated. It would help if you cut people out that bring you to stress, drain you and your time, and move on. Don’t allow someone to take advantage of your time and kindness; it’s time to cut the chord for you to grow.

On the whole, the energy that will accompany the March Equinox Supermoon will, for the most part, be positive. If you struggle or fight against this energy, it won’t accomplish anything. Go with the flow of it and connect with life and use it to grow and push forward positively. It can lead to great things, so open your arms and welcome this positive energy.