Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Zodiac signs tell us a lot about our personalities, which is why they can help us choose partners and careers. Astrologers have attributed certain qualities and traits to each sign of the zodiac. These traits define us as human beings, and they can help us pick out the craziest zodiac signs in existence.

For example, Pisces are true romantics, Taurus are true hedonists, and Leos crave the limelight and attention. But have you ever wondered which are the craziest zodiac signs in astrology?

In our list, we tell you which of the twelve zodiac signs is the craziest, starting from the least crazy sign to the craziest zodiac sign in astrology.

12. Libra

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Libras are at the bottom of the craziest zodiac signs list. Libras are balanced people who always long for harmony and peace in life. Libras are charming and diplomatic souls.

Libra is considered the most stable zodiac sign, and the least prone to mood swings. They need harmony and rarely act out of an uncontrollable impulse.

They hate drama of any kind and stay out of arguments as much as possible. They also think before they act and always try to see the other side of the coin.

The typical Libra is reasonable and friendly, but not easy to please. They can sometimes feel uncomfortable when making commitments or when being pushed to make important decisions. Still, they find their balance easily.

11. Cancer

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Cancers have such big hearts that they approach even the most difficult situations with understanding and a willingness to forgive. That is why they are among the least crazy zodiac signs in astrology.

They believe that a heart-to-heart conversation is much better than arguments.

However, Cancer is ruled by the moon, so they are prone to mood swings and they can be a bit crazy at times. If you are a Cancer, you are among the most delicate and sensitive zodiac signs in astrology.

Cancers are very caring and always think more about those around them.

The only thing that makes them seem a bit crazy is their tendency to call their partner every day. They also expect to spend every minute with their lovers.

These folks can be overly protective of their partner at times and want to protect them because of their maternal instincts. This behavior gives them the reputation of being both clingy and dependent.

Still, they can't be considered one of the craziest zodiac signs in existence.

10. Pisces

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Not one of the craziest zodiac signs, Pisces are kind-hearted and always willing to listen to their friends and family members.

They are compassionate and honest beings who can always be counted on. Pisces are also known for their empathy and big hearts.

The Pisces love instead of fighting. They rarely let their madness shine through. They would much rather drown their sorrows in art or wine and make peace with the situation than make a fuss about it.

They are sensitive and vulnerable, sometimes preferring their dream world to reality. Pisces need time to themselves to be able to develop because as true sensitive souls, they can be moody and overly sensitive.

How can such a dreamer be one of the craziest zodiac signs?

9. Capricorn

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Capricorns are organized and success-oriented, so they are most comfortable in a professional environment. They have an amazing drive and love to take on challenges and show off their intelligence.

Capricorns are highly motivated and will stop at nothing to ensure they achieve their career goals.

They value control in their private lives and are averse to unforeseen events that change their plans and intentions. The typical Capricorn has a mind of his/her own and is not easily disturbed.

Their quest for success in general life, at work, and in love is at the core of their madness. They do whatever it takes to achieve their goals in all three areas, sometimes even harming themselves in the process.

They also have a very short fuse, and once it's burned out there is no telling what they are capable of. Without hesitation, they will take revenge on anyone who has upset them, and it will not be a pretty sight.

8. Taurus

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Taurus people have warm personalities. They are loving, and open-minded, but can also be very stubborn at times.

Tauruses are the kind of friends who can argue about anything, but have their friends' backs in times of need and can easily keep calm in sticky situations.

They are also known to be stubborn and very reluctant to give in. Tauruses are often seen as ticking time bombs because the smallest things can set them off.

They quickly become aggressive and take their anger out on those around them, which explains their position on this list of the craziest zodiac signs in astrology.

7. Sagittarius

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Sagittarians are always looking for adventure and independence. They value freedom too much and can easily ignore their family and friends to achieve it.

They are always moving from place to place, literally or mentally. Standing still is not an option for them, and that can sometimes become a problem.

Sagittarians can be wild and unpredictable because no one knows what they are up to next.

They are proud of their blunders and have made more than a few of them. Making mistakes is part of life and Sagittarius is not afraid to make mistakes because they see them as part of the learning process.

However, they have a tendency to repeat the same mistake a few times (just to make sure it was a mistake) which eventually drives them completely insane.

Maybe not one of the craziest zodiac signs, but somewhat mad in their own way.

6. Aquarius

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

The typical Aquarius is original and inventive, so they are always a little ahead of everyone else. They are versatile and attract different types of people with this unusual character trait.

They are spontaneous and don't make any plans in advance, instead, they make decisions based on feelings.

Aquarians are a bit headstrong and have a lot of modern ideas and quirky thoughts, which is why they are sometimes considered among the craziest zodiac signs.

5. Leo

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Leos tend to tease people in all the wrong ways. They can be arrogant and loud. They also love being the center of attention.

Once you see a Leo bragging and looking for the spotlight, you will have no problem figuring out why these folks are among the craziest zodiac signs ever.

Leos sometimes have narcissistic personality traits. They manipulate the people around them and don't care for many people, if at all.

They are also known for claiming only the best of the best, preferring only luxury items. Their crazy behavior is reflected in their lavish lifestyle, as they prefer to spend money with both hands.

When dealing with a Leo, one moment it's all rainbows and butterflies, the next it's turning to blood and thunder and you don't know what's happening to you.

Normally they are a real sweetheart, but when they are angry the whole world knows. That's why they are ranked somewhere in the middle of the craziest zodiac signs list.

4. Aries

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Arieses are bold and confident beings who are always very strong and motivated. They are ready to take on any challenge and are reliable both as friends and lovers.

As a fire sign, they can be very steadfast and determined and are up for any challenge. Discussions on topics such as social justice or politics can easily upset them, which puts them firmly among the top craziest zodiac signs in existence.

They can also be risk-takers and they love danger, which is why they are often called crazy by their friends and family members.

Also, Arieses are fiery and dynamic, and when something doesn't go their way or someone keeps them waiting, they can easily snap and show how impatient and short-tempered they can be.

They have a heart of gold, but as soon as they feel neglected or used, you get to see their ugly side. They can't control their temper and you never know what they are capable of in their blackout moments. When they are provoked, they can be among the craziest zodiac signs you have ever met.

3. Virgo

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Virgos are among the three craziest zodiac signs in astrology because they are true perfectionists and always strive to design everything according to their wishes and requirements.

They are true control freaks and strive tirelessly to achieve impeccability, which drives most people insane.

They observe and analyze both the people around them and themselves, and not a single detail escapes their critical eye.

Spontaneous and unforeseen events easily upset them and they can forget their good manners. Of course, life isn't perfect and nothing goes as planned, which is why Virgo's outbursts of anger are inevitable.

They complain, nag, and yell while forcing their point of view on other people. It is their specialty to go completely insane when they are pissed off. For these reasons, Virgos are among the craziest zodiac signs in existence.

2. Gemini

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Geminis are indecisive individuals who can be insanely funny. They crave variety and exercise, so it never gets boring with them.

For them, life is one big party as they tirelessly strive to find joy and adventure in their lives.

They are known for their conflicting personality traits resulting in a split personality. This leads to Gemini being so high in the craziest zodiac signs ranking.

One minute they might be fine and happy, but the next minute they're yelling at someone and you don't know what they're going to do next.

Due to their split personality, they can go from super friendly to insane in a nanosecond. They are unpredictable and you never really know what is behind their flawless smile.

1. Scorpio

Ranking Of The Craziest Zodiac Signs

Scorpios are on the top of the list of craziest zodiac signs because they are mysterious creatures and are good at hiding their craziness.

With their mysterious gaze and their unmistakable intelligence, they easily cast a spell over those around them. But they don't let anyone get close enough because they don't want people to immediately see how manipulative, short-tempered and unscrupulous they can be.

They want to be constantly encouraged both in love and at work, otherwise, they get bored quickly, so you never know where you stand with them.

One moment they are calm and strong and you feel safe and secure around them, but the next they show no mercy.

When they are in a bad mood, they can become very unpleasant and are best avoided. Their vindictiveness and unpredictability are what earn them a top spot on the list of the craziest zodiac signs.

Do you think this list is an accurate representation of your level of craziness? If you don't like your position on this list of the craziest zodiac signs, chances are that this list of the dumbest zodiac signs will make you feel a little better.