Random Things To Text A Guy You Like (That He Won't Be Able To Resist)

So, you've encountered a man who has caught your interest and you have exchanged phone numbers. Now, as you text back and forth, you're struggling with finding the right words to say.

The thoughts that come to mind seem either overly emotional, overly eager, too distant, or lacking excitement. Every option seems to be "too much" of something, and you're worried that expressing these feelings might cause him to back off before the relationship has a chance to develop.

We understand the feeling of being stuck and running out of ideas. That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide of various texts to send to a guy you're interested in. You can always refer back to this list whenever you need a boost of inspiration. Feel free to use any of the suggestions on this list when you're feeling uninspired.


Don't answer him right away

Appearing desperate can quickly chase a guy away. It gives the impression that you're pushing for a relationship before he's ready and sends the message that others find you difficult to deal with.

We both know that this notion is not accurate, and you are much more than that. This is why it's best to avoid instantly responding to his texts.

It may be tempting to quickly respond to his messages, but it's better to resist the urge. This shows that you have a life beyond him, making him work harder for your attention and making the time you do spend together more valuable.

Keep it light and easy

Avoid bringing negativity into your conversations, even on days when you're feeling down. If you do this frequently, he may view you as a complainer and talking to you will become unenjoyable.

It's okay to have days where it's difficult to put on a fake smile and act like everything is fine. After all, you're only human.

As you get to know each other better, it's okay to be more open about heavy emotions. However, in the early stages, try to keep the mood light to make it easier for him to communicate. If it's difficult to maintain a positive tone, let him know that you're going through something and will text him later.

Avoid making him feel bad for pauses in the conversation

It's normal to have anxiety when the person you're interested in takes a long time to respond. Our thoughts tend to race and jump to irrational conclusions in these situations.

These emotions can intensify until you feel like you're about to burst, like a shaken soda can. You may feel the urge to ask if he's still there or send another message, just to make sure he didn't miss the first one.

Avoid these actions, as he may just be occupied. Constantly texting him until he responds will raise red flags. If necessary, put down your phone and find a different activity to focus on.

Play it cool

Being in love can be an exhilarating experience. Your mind is filled with thoughts about your loved one, and just thinking about them can turn a bad day around. In this state, it's natural to want to express your feelings to them.

However, the earlier in your relationship, the greater the risk of overwhelming them with too much affection. Building a strong relationship is like constructing a bridge, it takes time and effort. Take the time to strengthen it and ensure it's stable before making a big confession.

In simpler terms, hold back on excessive expressions of affection. Light flirting is acceptable, but wait until you're more confident before revealing your deepest emotions.

Feel free to step away when you need a break

When you feel overwhelmed, confused, or exhausted, remember that it's okay to take a step back. This can serve a dual purpose; giving yourself a break and demonstrating that you have other responsibilities and interests outside of your relationship with him.

Just simply let him know that you have other commitments and will get back to him later. There's no need to provide specifics.

Stay away from easy (but boring) one-word texts

Sending a simple "hey" or "hi" text might seem like a low-effort solution, but it can actually do more harm than good. Such a text can come across as boring and unengaging, leaving your crush without much to respond to. This can result in a lack of conversation and leave you both feeling uninterested.

Instead, aim for something a little more creative. Ask him how his day is going or make a funny comment about something you both saw on the news. These types of texts give him a chance to respond, and the conversation will flow more easily.

Avoid sending one-word texts like "hey" or "hi," even if you add a smiley emoji. While they may be low-effort, they don't give the recipient much to respond to. Using a smiley at least provides an emotional aspect for them to reply to.


Try some unique conversation starter questions

Say farewell to mundane "how are you" texts and embrace unique and intriguing conversation starters! Asking a question he's never encountered before is sure to surprise and engage him.

Say goodbye to mundane "how are you" texts and hello to intriguing conversation starters that will take him by surprise. By asking questions he's never heard before, you'll spark an interesting and engaging conversation. If you're struggling to come up with ideas, there are numerous online resources and guides available, including this post, which offers unique options to try. Additionally, we'll provide you with a few options to explore when you're running low on inspiration.


"What's the most unusual item you've had for breakfast?"

"If you had to choose one band to listen to for the rest of your life, which one would it be?"

"What would be your dream travel destination if finances were not a concern?"

"Which movie never fails to bring a smile to your face and make you laugh?"

"What's your dream car or favorite object you would love to have?"

Use a cute message to let him know you're thinking of him

A subtle way to express your affection towards him is by mentioning that he was in your thoughts. You don't have to make a bold declaration of your feelings, just a gentle reminder that he was on your mind.

Indicating to him that you have thought of him can be as simple as mentioning a song or movie that you think he would enjoy. These gestures show him that you are thinking of him without being overly clingy.


"Today, I came across a song that made me think of you. Take a listen and let me know your thoughts."

"I just watched a film over the weekend that I think you would enjoy. Would you be interested in watching it together sometime?"

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Ask him about something you know he's interested in

If you've been communicating with him via text for a while, you should have a good understanding of his interests. Bringing up these topics in your text conversations can demonstrate to him that you're paying attention and interested in him.

Demonstrate your interest in his passions by inquiring about them in more detail. This communicates to him that you have given consideration to his hobbies and are eager to learn more about what he enjoys.


"I'd love to learn more about your passion for building computers. Can you share some tips and insights? I might even give it a try myself someday."

"Do you have any favorite hiking spots? I'm thinking of hitting the trails this weekend."

Get his opinion on a topic he likes

Looking to receive some expertise, and want to impress someone special? Ask them for their advice on a particular subject.

Can you give me your thoughts on this situation? I value your perspective and would love to hear what you have to say.

Can I get your expert opinion on (topic related to his interest)? I value your thoughts on it.


"Can you give me some tips on selecting the essential items for camping trips?"

"Can you help me out with troubleshooting my new TV setup? I think I may have done something wrong."

"Can you share any tips for me on how to make the ideal steak? I'm hoping to master the art."

Snap an adorable picture for him

The age-old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" holds true, so why not utilize a visual image to convey a message to him?

Show off your confidence with a fun selfie and send it to him. It's a great way to capture the moment and convey your emotions without having to say a thousand words.

A selfie is a versatile way to communicate with him. You can send him a cute smile picture, a cool one in sunglasses or a sexy one with a captivating outfit. The options are endless, and different angles, lighting, expressions, and attire allow you to express various messages to him, simply by tapping your screen.

Challenge him to a little friendly competition

Competing with others can get their adrenaline flowing, and the guy you like is no exception. Chances are, he'll be intrigued and engaged when you issue a challenge to him, especially if he's naturally inclined to competition.

Try incorporating a playful and flirty tone when issuing a challenge to your guy. Adding a reward, such as promising to treat him to the next meal or drink, will increase the excitement and make the competition even more enticing.


"I bet you can't beat my score in this game. Loser buys coffee at the new café on the block."

"Challenge accepted! Let's see who looks cuter today. Ready to send a photo?"

Bring on the heat by hinting at something sexy

If friendly competition doesn't get his attention, increasing the flirtiness and sexuality in your texts is sure to do so. Most guys enjoy a bit of sexual tension, whether they admit it or not.

Sending a flirtatious and spicy text will surely get his attention and trigger his imagination. It will show him that you're intrigued by him.

Sending a provocative text can pique his interest, but be mindful as it may also give him the wrong idea about your intentions. Frequently initiating sexual conversations may convey that you're only seeking a physical relationship. Consider your goals before using this approach.


Send him a spicier selfie of you. It could include cleavage, a tight outfit, a short skirt – whatever makes you feel sexy.

"I can't stop thinking about what you did to me last night. I'd love to see if it's really as good as I remember."


We aim to offer comprehensive resources to support women in their relationships, and we recognize that sometimes additional support may be necessary. Effective texting that captivates your partner requires both effort and a certain level of proficiency.

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