Random Guy Gets Into Woman’s Car And Sh*ts Everywhere

Imagine finding someone else’s stuff in your car. Creepy? Now, imagine finding a person sitting in your seat. That’s nothing compared to what happened to one mom after grocery shopping!

A woman went to get groceries, and when she returned to her car, she found a stranger sh**ting himself in her car.

random guy gets into woman’s car and sh*ts everywhere
random guy gets into woman’s car and sh*ts everywhere

Jeana Fidler was with her kids and her typical shopping day turned into a nasty internet sensation.

She made one silly mistake: she didn’t lock the car. Fidler soon shared her day on Facebook.

If you have to go, why not hide in the bushes?

Here’s the post that Jeana Fidler shared online:

I went to the grocery store after baseball practice at Kroger in Canton with my kids and came out to find someone sitting INSIDE in the driver’s side seat of MY car.

I had my keys with me, I thought it was locked, but I guess not.

The driver’s side door was slightly open, and It freaked my oldest son (age 11), and he found him sitting in the driver’s seat and said: “Mom, there’s someone inside our van.”

random guy gets into woman’s car and sh*ts everywhere
random guy gets into woman’s car and sh*ts everywhere

The mother tried to confront the man, but it was at that point she realized that this man wasn’t just sitting. He’s also was sh**ting on her seat.

Jeana continued her story:

I told him to get out of my car! And he literally starting sh*tting diarrhea and it leaking out the bottom of his basketball shorts everywhere inside my new van.

The man had diarrhea on top of it all

What this man left was no ordinary poo. Yes, the mom managed to call the officers and the man was arrested.

But the damage goes beyond the emotional trauma. He literally left his s**t all over the car. And Jeana had no other option than to clean up the mess.

In the Facebook post, she added:

Now I have to clean up this mess MYSELF. It’s saturated in my seat and the carpet on the floorboards. I am so over it today.

Thanks to Ashley at Kroger for helping me with the supplies to clean up the mess and Canton PD for coming to help out.

What a mess. Why do things like this happen to me… why? I can’t catch a break.

Poor woman. Imagine finding a stranger in your car. Then add his soft, liquid-ish poop to the equation. And it’s not just the cleaning. This has to smell pretty bad.

And the kids? They have to be scared for life!