randi banks bio, instagram, and dating life

Randi Banks is a former flight attendant turned actress, and she is currently a big social media star and a model. Randi's official Instagram account is randibanks.tv.

Date Of Birth

14 October 1997

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Houston, Texas

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Best Known For

Randi is best known as the Monster Energy Drink girl. She has also been featured in many music videos.

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Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In July 2021)

At the moment, Randi has 1 million Instagram followers.

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Randi Banks Instagram

Randi has made over 200 posts on Instagram. Her posts get about 30k likes on average.

She likes sharing pictures of herself in bikinis and other seductive outfits on her Instagram account.

Randi Banks Bio, Instagram, And Dating Life

About Randi Banks

Randi states that she loves being herself and having fun. When not busy working, she usually dances, skating, surging, writing poetry, or playing the guitar.

She always wanted to see what the world had to offer beyond what she grew up seeing in the place she was born.

She wanted more than the typical life of settling down, falling in love with country music, having babies, and going to church every Sunday all her life. Still, she was interested in helping people, which is why she works at animal shelters, retirement homes, and children's hospitals whenever she gets the chance.

Randi Banks Bio, Instagram, And Dating Life


Randi's family was conservative, and she has admitted that they were not very supportive. Apparently, she would be instantly shut down when she expressed a desire to live a life different from the conservative dreams they had for her.

Randi Banks Bio, Instagram, And Dating Life

Interesting Facts

Randi has a bachelor's degree in Biology, but it seems her interests have little to do with this academic achievement.

Growing up, she felt like an outsider in her own town, which gave her an interest in seeing what else was out there. That explains why she has appeared in several music videos, worked as a flight attendant, a vet tech, supported anti-bullying campaigns, and taken a shot at acting despite her young age.

Randi Banks Bio, Instagram, And Dating Life