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"Ramen Baths" Are The Strange New Beauty Trend And I'm Not Sure How I Feel

“ramen baths” are the strange new beauty trend and i’m not sure how i feel

We are officially beyond bored! How did we get from Ramen noodles to Ramen Bombs to freaking Ramen Baths?

"ramen baths" are the strange new beauty trend and i'm not sure how i feel

Ramen Baths are trending. In fact, they are the latest beauty craze. We have zero proof that this "trend" will make your skin better, yet it's happening, so you can either sit this one out or join the masses.

Instagram Is Full Of Ramen Baths, And We Have No Idea What To Think

In case you have no idea what we are still talking about, let's see what Instagram has to say.

This is the one social media that sets standards and trends, and often, they are beyond ridiculous.

Is this all a joke? Perhaps a challenge? Nah, this would be all over TikTok if it was another silly challenge. So, what's the deal?

If you want to know more, you are on your own. Just make a nice bath, but instead of bath bombs and salts, use ramen noodles.

Should you eat while you are having a bath? We sure don't think that's a good idea, but if it makes you happy, we won't judge.

One thing is for sure: cleaning your bath after this little experiment will be a nightmare. We do not need a ramen bath to know as much.

Don't forget to share your bizarre bath on Instagram. Otherwise, who would believe you actually tried it?

You can make a video, too.