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Ralph Lauren Launching An Amazing Rachel Green Friends-Themed Collection

Ralph Lauren Launching An Amazing Rachel Green Friends-themed Collection

If you loved Friends, then you are probably a die-hard Jennifer Aniston fan. And who can blame you? Anyone who has watched the show considers her a genuine pop culture icon for her role in the popular show.

Her impact on fashion culture in the 90s lives on, and her style choices from back then are still an inspiration for many people today.

No wonder her hair styles, her fashion sense, and her amazing body won her legions of adoring fans, especially boys.

Right from the start, she had us hooked. Beginning with her wedding dress intro, she went on to deliver breathtaking fashion styles that culminated in high-end fashion in the final seasons of the show.

Quite simply, she was a trendsetter for the Ralph Lauren fashion establishment throughout the show.

ralph lauren launching an amazing rachel green friends-themed collection

Ralph Lauren thought that was worth celebrating, and many people agree. So, Ralph Lauren is launching a collection that celebrates Rachel Green for the unforgettable role she played in the incredibly popular television show.

What Exactly Is Ralph Lauren Doing To Remember Rachel Green?

They have gone all out by releasing a collection based on her inspiring trends. The collection will be named "The One Where They Wore Ralph Lauren." The collection will also be unique in that it will celebrate the show's 25th anniversary this year.

ralph lauren launching an amazing rachel green friends-themed collection

So, there couldn't possibly be a better time to present this collection to Rachel Green and Friends fans.

The collection will feature various works that might have peaked Rachel's interest in 2019.

But the fashion house will not be doing this on its own. Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Bloomingdales will be partnering with Ralph Lauren to give Rachel Green fans this special treat.

What Does The Collaboration Offer?

In a word, plenty. There will be leather trousers, velvet jackets, suede skirts, turtlenecks, and even plaid skirts.

The collection will even include a look she had on the "I got off the plane" scene in the final episode of the show. She had a pleated lambskin miniskirt and knee-high boots featuring a chunky heel.

ralph lauren launching an amazing rachel green friends-themed collection

According to Ralph Lauren, "Just as Friends has proved to be a perennial favourite series for viewers over the last 25 years, this collection reflects Ralph Lauren's timeless styles and archetypes that have remained a go-to for the modern working woman."

To make the connection between the brand the show even more plain, the shots were taken on sets that remind fans of Monica and Rachel's apartment. Some also remind fans of the group's favorite coffee shop, Central Perk.

ralph lauren launching an amazing rachel green friends-themed collection

What's The Collection Worth?

Some pieces are worth $69, while others cost as much as $2,998. And it's not just Ralph Lauren products, some pieces are from Polo.

Can I Buy Friends Clothing By Ralph Lauren?

Certainly, just head out to their online shop at

But that's not your only option-you can also try Bloomingdales. In fact, at this store, you will find a replica of Central Perk and Rachel's office.

Seriously, what could be a better treat for a Friends fan?