Rabbit Boy: The Inspiring Story Of Evan Hill

Rabbit Boy: The Inspiring Story Of Evan Hill

Kids can be cruel, and after getting the name "rabbit boy" from his peers many years ago, Evan Hill knows this all too well. Evan Hill was born with two large front teeth that eventually earned him the unflattering nickname of 'rabbit boy' from bullies.

Although such mockery might seem like fun and games to the kids, it can cause trauma to the victims. The sad truth is that kids don't know any better.

Bullying is a serious issue, and it has led many people down the path to self-destruction. The best thing about Evan's situation, despite being called "rabbit boy," was that he could do something about his condition.

All he needed was a proper medical intervention, and he would no longer be a "rabbit boy." The problem was that the procedure was too expensive for his parents.

Being Called "Rabbit Boy" Was Not All Evan Had To Worry About

Rabbit Boy: The Inspiring Story Of Evan Hill

Evan's buck teeth did a lot more than make him a victim of mockery: they also made talking and closing his mouth a problem. In other words, being called "rabbit boy" was the least of his worries as he could not lead an everyday life like his peers.

Typically, people with buck teeth have a problem pronouncing words that have letters F, S, P, B, M, and V. This is usually because these letters require the use of the lips and teeth, both of which are affected when someone suffers from a severe overbite, also known as buck teeth.

That explains why Evan had problems with his speech. His overbite was so severe that he could not talk properly or close his mouth even when he was already 12 years old.

In addition, the condition is also associated with chewing and breathing problems.

Poor chewing can result in digestion issues and even pain when biting or chewing. Harming the adjacent teeth and gums is also a possibility.

Rabbit Boy: The Inspiring Story Of Evan Hill And The Boy With Rabbit Teeth Now

Breathing problems associated with buck teeth can include sleep apnea and snoring, all of which can seriously affect the quality of life.

Treatment can involve surgery, braces, and other particular medical interventions, which can get quite expensive. This was the issue keeping Evan from having his dental problem fixed.

Evan Hill was 12 back in 2012, and he was living in Christchurch, New Zealand. He was a friendly kid with a good heart despite the bullying he received for his looks.

His large, exposed front teeth made him an easy target for bullies. He was taunted and teased for his buck teeth, and bullies loved calling him "rabbit boy."

When his peers started calling him "rabbit boy," his mom was horrified by the trauma her son had to go through.

An orthodontist was also surprised by the extent of the boy's deformity, which he described as one of the worst cases he had ever witnessed in over two decades.

Fixing Teeth Came With A Hefty Price

The Inspiring Story Of 'rabbit Boy'

To fix the boy's teeth, his family would have to raise $12,000. Unfortunately, they could not raise the money since the family had just survived a terrible earthquake and even had several deaths of those close to them.

Apart from being partly damaged, the family had also lost the car they needed to take him to dental appointments due to the earthquake.

Fortunately, Evan's luck was about to change.

When he appeared on a show and shared his story, he did not forget to mention how his teeth had made him a target for bullies and earned him the nickname "rabbit boy" or the boy with the rabbit teeth.

He also spoke of the problems his family had gone through. The story changed everything, and many people were deeply touched by his plight.

The cruel jokes and the "rabbit boy" tag were a painful reminder of how bad his situation was. So, it was pretty incredible that he was still so friendly and nice.

The gap between his upper and lower teeth was 2 centimeters in length. Additionally, his upper jaw had a 12-degree tilt instead of the usual 2-degree tilt.

Although he should have been eligible for free dental treatment in New Zealand, his case was too severe to be covered under this program.

The family's situation was so dire that the family had given some thought to mortgaging their house as a way to pay for his dental expenses.

The situation was heartbreaking for Evan's mom, Barbara. Luckily, her son's life was about to change in a big way.

People Soon Raised Money For Evan Hill

As soon as Evan Hill and his mom talked to the media about the situation, strangers came with overwhelming support. Soon enough, well-wishers had raised $100,000 to help the boy.

The help came from people from the Christchurch community and from elsewhere in the country. The money would cover Evan's treatment, the car, and any other unforeseen costs.

Of course, Barbara was shocked by the generosity, and Evan finally had the treatment he needed:

"I don't know where we would have been today without the generosity we had."

Some of the cash was used to get the family a car, and the rest was put in a trust to help kids whose families cannot get the dental work they require.

Evan Got A More Confident Smile, He Is No Longer The Boy With The Rabbit Teeth

The Inspiring Story Of 'rabbit Boy'

After Evan got the treatment he needed, he began using braces. Being called 'rabbit boy' was now behind him.

However, Evan had to wear braces for five years, but it was clear that the effort was worth it in the end. He finally showed the world how beautiful his smile was after the braces came off.

The procedure came to an end in 2017. Evan paid monthly visits to orthodontist Ronald Sluiter during that time.

The expert managed to shift back his front teeth by 15 millimeters. Braces were required to complete the transformation.

The orthodontist's work was quite impressive, and he was just as happy with the boy's recovery as Evan and his family were. Even he admitted that they had come a long way.

When Evan appeared on TV for a second time, he was practically unrecognizable. The boy with rabbit teeth was no more.

Today, since losing the horrible overbite, Evan is more confident in himself. He understands that he no longer needs to hide who he is.

He can talk normally and smile without fear of what bullies might call him. Evan's story is quite inspiring, considering that he spent so many years putting up with abuse from bullies before spending half a decade getting the problem fixed.