R.kelly Under Criminal Investigations Thanks To “surviving R.kelly”

R.Kelly is currently under investigation over criminal allegations in Georgia and this is because of Lifetime’s docuseries.

According to reliable sources, the District Attorney’s office in Fulton Attorney’s Office has opened investigations over the criminal allegations facing the famous singer in “Surviving R.Kelly”. The investigation began a few days ago after what was depicted in “Surviving R.Kelly”.

According to sources, investigators have reached out to a number of real survivors who were featured in the “Surviving R.Kelly” TV project. One of the survivors, Asante McGee, is one of the ladies who investigators revealed escaped R.Kelly’s home. The investigation is still ongoing and she has been questioned to reveal more information that will be helpful to this case.

The attorney who is representing Joycelyn Savage’s family was contacted by Cynthia Nwokocha, one of the Chief Investigators. The attorney is offering full cooperation.

The investigators have been looking for the contact details from other victims who have stayed in the singer’s former home in Atlanta, Georgia. The investigators are also looking for those who may have first-hand information about what went on in the singer’s home.

The D.A. is not commenting.