R. Kelly Found Guilty On All Counts In Federal Sex Crimes Trial

Kelly Guilty In Federal Sex Crimes Trial

The court has found R. Kelly guilty of all the federal sex crimes leveled against him, and he might end up spending the rest of his life in prison.

The jury came back with the verdict after deliberating on Friday afternoon and spending half a day on Monday deciding if he was guilty or not.

Ultimately, they decided that Kelly was guilty of all the charges made against him. The singer was accused of racketeering, sex crimes, kidnapping, obstruction of justice, and human trafficking, among other crimes in court.

Soon after R. Kelly's arrest, Joycelyn Savage, one of his girlfriends, was among the people who testified against him. Savage had lived with the disgraced singer for years.

Gerald Griggs, her lawyer, expressed satisfaction with the verdict R. Kelly received, saying:

"The conviction today spoke volumes in accountability when it comes to people hearing black women and believing their stories."

The lawyer went on to say that Savage now had an opportunity to be reunited with her family, giving them a chance to rebuild the relationship they had not had the opportunity to enjoy with their daughter for many years.

Kelly's trial ended roughly a month after it started. Throughout the trial, the prosecution called in many more witnesses than the defense did. His team only had five witnesses, and Kelly did not take the stand.

The sentencing date will be May 4.

Because he has been found guilty of all the charges filed against him, he might spend a decade to life in prison.

Even with this devastating bit of news, he still has to attend another federal trial in Chicago. He will also have state trials in Illinois and Minnesota.

Kelly Has Been On Trial For 2 Years

Kelly Guilty In Federal Sex Crimes Trial

The guilty verdict comes more than two years after Kelly was put under arrest in Chicago for committing several federal sex crimes in 2 states.

His defense team brought in a couple of his former employees and associates to take the stand. The plan was to help discredit the accusations the singer was facing with regard to sexually abusing women, girls, and boys.

According to some of his most devout defenders, Kelly had never been seen abusing anyone. One of his witnesses went to the extent of saying that R. Kelly was actually "chivalrous" towards his girlfriends.

The Prosecution Had Dozens Of Witnesses

Kelly Guilty In Federal Sex Crimes Trial

The prosecution team had a lot of witnesses lined up. In fact, the prosecutors had dozens of witnesses, and they refuted the testimony made by the defense and showed weaknesses in the statements and claims made by Kelly's team.

According to some of these witnesses, Kelly had a small team of made-up bodyguards, managers, and assistants who rallied his potential victims before R. Kelly went on to use them for sex and other things.

Kelly Got His Victims During Concerts, At Malls, Or At Food Joints

The witnesses claimed that the singer's posse would groom the potential victims as the singer was at concerts, in food joints, or at malls.

According to one of his victims interviewed by Gayle King in 2019, who also testified against him during the trial, the singer was controlling her and the other woman taking part in the interview even as Gayle was questioning them.

Apparently, during the interview, Kelly would cough to make sure they kept to the script. This would ensure the women supported his position that he was not guilty of any of the crimes leveled against him.