Quotes For People With The Catchphrase 'Diet Starts Tomorrow'

quotes for people with the catchphrase ‘diet starts tomorrow’

How many of us have been swearing that our diet will start "tomorrow"? But that tomorrow never comes, and so we are still eating unhealthy junk food like there is no tomorrow.

Even before the dipping sauce arrives, a few fries have already disappeared into our mouths.

But it's the last day before we get on our diet schedule, right? So, what's the harm?

After all, tomorrow, everything will change because our diet will begin.

But talk is cheap.

It's putting these words into actions that gets difficult for many people. But such is life, you will run into both setbacks and disappointments.

So, this is for those of us who always say our "diet starts tomorrow." These quotes might lighten your day.

Why Does This Keep Happening To Me?

Anyone have this problem?

You can easily cut off one "bad" food from your diet such as sugar or fats, but then ruin it by consuming way more of another "bad" food.

Probably Not High Enough

quotes for people with the catchphrase 'diet starts tomorrow'

Ever got to a point where you weren't even sure you had blood in your veins any longer? I can't be the only one with this problem.

As you indulge one last time before your diet begins, you can easily go overboard and feel like sauce is all that's flowing in your veins.

Serious Business

Eating can get so heated that it leaves you out of breath. By the way, does eating till you sweat count as exercise?

It probably should because jogging at the crack of dawn will probably not cut it.

There's Always One More Special Occasion

quotes for people with the catchphrase 'diet starts tomorrow'

As much as we would like to get started on our diets, there's always a special occasion getting in the way.

For instance, today is pizza night; and Christmas is just around the corner so it makes no sense to start the diet now. Why not wait until the holiday is over?

Diets are no joke, and they can take a lot out of a person. That explains why some of us need to binge eat our favorite "unhealthy" foods before the healthy diet journey actually begins "tomorrow."