Quiz: Are We More Than Friends With Benefits?

Are you experiencing complications in your friends-with-benefits situation? Are you questioning if your feelings towards each other have changed? If you suspect your relationship may be evolving, take this quiz to determine if your friends-with-benefits arrangement is coming to an end.

1. Do our friends know the arrangement?

Telling your friends about your friends-with-benefits arrangement may seem like a sign that the relationship is only physical, but it can actually indicate the opposite. In a casual friends-with-benefits setup, it is common to keep things private and not involve others. However, if you start to share details with friends and introduce your partner to them, it may indicate that the relationship has evolved beyond a purely physical one.

2. Do we go out in public?

Additionally, friends with benefits tend to avoid being seen together in public. This is to prevent any potentially awkward situations or having to explain the nature of their relationship to others. If the relationship is truly casual, the individuals will typically only spend time together in private, often at night, and only in each other's homes. However, if they are not uncomfortable with being seen together, it may indicate that the relationship has progressed beyond a friends-with-benefits arrangement.

3. Do we go to bed without sex sometimes?

In a purely sexual relationship, it is unlikely for individuals to have sleepovers without engaging in sexual activities. If you find yourself spending time together and choosing to spend the night watching a movie and sleeping together, instead of having sex, this could indicate that the relationship has deeper emotional connections. This could mean that you enjoy each other's company on a non-physical level and it may indicate that you may be moving towards a more committed relationship, even if you don't realize it yet.

4. Do you leave toothbrushes at each other's places?

Friends with benefits usually prefer to keep things discreet and secretive, enjoying the informal and casual nature of the arrangement. They typically don't share personal items or leave things at each other's homes, as it would disrupt the anonymity and thrill of the relationship. If you and your friends with benefits have started to leave personal items, such as toothbrushes, at each other's homes, it could indicate that the relationship may be becoming more serious and committed than you initially thought.

5. Do they send texts that aren't booty calls?

If you find yourself engaging in text exchanges that do not involve sexual content, such as sending cute memes or checking in on each other's well-being, it may indicate that the relationship is more than just physical. Typically, in a friends-with-benefits setup, communication is limited to arranging sexual encounters and not much else. If this is not the case in your relationship, it could suggest that the relationship has deeper emotional connections and may be moving beyond a purely physical arrangement.

6. Do they initiate cuddling after sex?

There is a distinction between a casual post-sex cuddle and a prolonged and intimate cuddling session. The former is often a result of laziness and politeness, while the latter suggests a feeling of intimacy and emotional connection after sexual activity. If your friends with benefits initiates prolonged cuddling session, it may be a sign that the relationship has progressed beyond the physical level and that there are emotional feelings involved.

7. Do you miss each other when you're apart?

Your emotions when you are not together can reveal the true nature of your relationship. Even if you both try to maintain the idea that your relationship is casual, your feelings when you are apart can indicate otherwise. If you feel sad when they leave and look forward to your next meeting, it suggests that there is more to the relationship than just being friends with benefits. The presence of emotions when you are not together indicates that there are deeper feelings involved.

8. Do they want to spend time out of bed with me?

If you find yourself engaging in non-sexual activities together, such as going out for a meal or running errands together, it could indicate that your friends-with-benefits arrangement is becoming more complex. These small, seemingly insignificant activities can reveal deeper emotional connections between you. Even if you are not planning fancy dinners or grand gestures, these casual, non-bedroom-related activities can be a clear indication that you are more than just a casual sexual partner to each other.

9. Have you sensed…something?

There may be moments when you can sense that the attraction between you goes beyond the physical, even when the sexual tension is satisfied. It could be the way you catch each other's gaze and hold it longer than usual, or the way you linger in a hug when saying goodbye. When you're together, you may sense that the connection between you has grown deeper than either of you are willing to admit. These subtle cues can indicate that the relationship has evolved beyond a friends-with-benefits arrangement and there may be deeper emotions involved.

10. Are we more than FWB?

If you find yourself answering "yes" to most of these questions, it is clear that your relationship goes beyond a casual friends-with-benefits arrangement. Even if you answered "no" to most of them, it is still possible that there are deeper feelings involved. Trust your instincts, if you feel that there is something more to the relationship, it is likely that your intuition is correct. The best way to clear any doubts is to have an open and honest conversation about it.