Quick Question: Do You Even Qualify To Have The Impostor Syndrome? Let's Find Out

Quick Question: Do You Even Qualify To Have The Impostor Syndrome? Let’s Find Out

There is nothing good about suffering from the debilitating Impostor Syndrome. But surprising as this might sound, some people think they have the Impostor Syndrome when they don't even make the cut.

The Impostor Syndrome is defined as a psychological state where someone doubts their accomplishments and harbors fears that the fact that they are a 'fraud' will come out one day.

Here's a quiz to help you understand if you qualify to have this condition or not.


1. Goals. Do You Do Something About Them Every Day?

1. You spend hours planning how to achieve your goals and then spend the day trying to attain them.

2. You have goals and are doing something about them, but not as much as you should. Maybe other people take more of your time, or you probably doubt your ability to reach the goals you have in mind.


2. Do Others Always Praise You For Your Efforts?

1. Your coworkers and loved ones tell you how much they love the quality of your work and your work ethic.

2. You get recognized for your efforts, but sometimes people are made to do it. In fact, your parents have even paid people in the past to compliment you and puff you up.


3. How Proud Are You Of Your Progress?

1. You are very impressed by the progress you have made in the last five years.

2. You are generally proud of the progress you have made, but it's not such a big deal for you. You are not even sure how to quantify said progress, but there are people in your line of work doing much better than you.


4. Any Awards Of Official Recognition In The Industry?

1. Yes, you have won all awards you have been nominated to, and you have many certificates of accomplishment to prove it.

2. You won awards, but that's because of your connections to those who pick winners. You know you have not worked that hard to deserve an award.


5. Perception Colleagues In The Industry Have About You

1. You mentor many peers below your level and you also love sharing your experiences.

2. They look up to you, all right. But they have no idea you don't know as much as they think you do. You honestly know you don't deserve the admiration.


Impostor Or Not?

If you have mostly 1's, then you are pretty good at what you do and should keep doing it. Kudos!

However, if you mostly have 2's, there's a problem.

It's like you don't know what you are doing or are supposed to be doing. You are simply just gliding through life. It's a miracle you have made it this far, and it's time you seriously considered getting into another line of work or got more serious about what you are doing. Yep, you have Impostor Syndrome.