Questions To Ask A Girl You're Interested In That Will Bring You Closer

Questions To Ask A Girl You’re Interested In That Will Bring You Closer

If you're trying to figure out what questions to ask a girl to make her more interested in you, we're here to help. We've got forty questions that will help move your relationship from a simple exchange of pleasantries to interesting conversations that will make that special girl excited to talk with you.

Questions To Ask a Girl

It's no secret that women like to talk; a lot. But they have to have something to discuss, or there's nothing to say. That's why you need to know how to ask the right questions.


If you've suddenly found yourself interested in talking to a girl, but you don't know how to get past the starting line, we're here to help.

Throughout this article, we're going to give you some conversational pointers designed to help you ask the right questions, so a girl will be interested in talking to you.

But before we get into some questions to ask the girl you like, let me give you a few tips.


Be Genuine

Nothing upsets women more than being deceived. If you want to get a girl to like you, it has to start with honesty. Don't claim to be interested in things you can't stand. Do not say that you have a career like this when you're, in fact, that.

Women want to engage with someone who they can trust with their secrets, with their thoughts. Many females will walk away from a relationship if they realize it has started under pretenses.


When you ask the right questions, girls will feel you're more genuine. Don't be a statistic. Be yourself, and let the right girl love you.

Be respectful

It can be challenging to want to share personal details with someone. When you first approach a girl to start up a conversation, don't come across as too personal out of the gate. Stick with asking casual questions.


You also don't want to go with topics that are considered controversial, such as religion or politics, unless you know how your companion would react. These are better discussed once you are familiar with each other.

If a female decides she doesn't want to answer a question, move along. Never push for a response. Doing so will likely get you left on read. Showing respect right out of the gate sets you apart from the dozens of men who are continually flooding her DM's with useless chatter.


Topics To Get The Conversation Started

We've covered the etiquette of talking to a girl. Let's get to what you want to know and what to say when you've finally worked up the nerve to speak to her. We've broken these right questions down into different categories for easier viewing.

Get To Know You Questions

Once you've gotten past your introductions, you'll want to know the right questions to ask next to keep the conversation going. Talking is the best way to get to know each other. When you feel like you know someone, it's more comfortable to spend time with them.


I'm the type of person who hates strangers. I clam up every time. It resulted in horrible dates before my fiance found me.

Start your conversation by getting to know each other with these simple conversation starters.

1. What's the most important quality you look for in a man?

2. What did you want to be when you grow up when you were five years old?

3. What would be your dream car?


4. Favorite subject in school?

5. What's your favorite music genre? Song? Singer?

6. If you could listen to only one song for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

7. What's your favorite outlet for a bad day?

8. Which is more important - money or happiness?

9. City or country?

10. What's a food you could eat every day?

11. What color describes your personality?


12. What is a relationship killer?

13. Beauty or brains?

14. Favorite hobby?

15. People person or hermit crab?

16. Name one thing you would change about yourself?

17. Your favorite thing about yourself?

18. Do you have a life motto?

19. What cheers you up when you're down?

20. What activity are you most happy doing?

Make Her Laugh

Women love a man that pays attention to their wants and needs and knows them inside and out. But women also want a man that knows how to be funny. I'm not talking about the polite snicker we do to make our men feel good about their lame joke.


I'm talking the bust-our-gut, tears streaming down our face, can't breathe laughter.

I think I fell in love with my fiance because he can make me laugh better than anyone I've ever met. It's not just that he's funny. But he makes me feel comfortable enough around him that I can do something silly or stupid and not feel judged.

A great relationship is when two people are friends as well as lovers. My fiance is my best friend, and I love it!


Funny Questions to Ask

Here are ten humorous questions to ask a girl to get her tickled pink and maybe get you a few points tallied in the keeper column.

1. If your pet could talk, what's one thing you wouldn't want them to tell people you do?

2. What would you want for a superpower? What would your superhero name be?


3. What's an embarrassing nickname you've had?

4. If you could have one animal part or ability, what would it be?

5. Would you rather be raised by wolves or monkeys?

6. If we were in an apocalypse, what's one thing you'd save?

7. If there was a zombie outbreak, would you survive?

8. Do you like stand-up comedy? I prefer to sit when I'm laughing, so I don't fall.


9. If aliens existed, what would they be like?

10. If you could shapeshift into any animal, what would you be?

It's Time To Get Personal

Small talk is great, but if you're really interested in someone, you're going to want to talk about some personal stuff. Naturally, you're going to want to know their history, their backgrounds, their lives. All of those experiences made this woman into the person you're into, so you want to know everything.


Here are some questions to ask that allow you to get more personal details about the girl you're feeling. Don't jump into a conversation with these. It's better to keep things casual at first so you can get to know each other. When the time is right, these will work for you.

1. What was the happiest moment of your childhood?

2. What's the worst date you've ever experienced?

3. Name your strangest habit.


4. What would you love to do? Why?

5. What is one trait you're looking for in a forever partner?

6. Tell me about your weirdest fascination.

7. Inspiration is all around us. What inspires you?

8. I want to know your biggest pet peeve.

9. If you could live anywhere, where would you want to go?

10. What do you want most in life?

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Being afraid to talk to someone new is something we've all experienced. But if you never speak up, you could miss out on something extraordinary. Don't let the girl of your dreams pass you by because you don't know what to say. We've given you forty questions to ask to get you started. We're sure you'll have no problem getting any girl to talk to you with our help.


Do you know what all women are looking for in a man? We do, so come find out so you can be ready to meet the girl of your dreams!