queen pictured sitting alone at prince philip’s funeral

With her head down, the Queen decided to sit alone in silence as her husband of 73 years. Prince Philip was laid to final rest.

There are two key moments we witnessed during the burial of The Duke of Edinburgh. One was seeing Prince William and Prince Harry having a conversation. The other, sadly, was already the iconic scene of Her Majesty sitting alone, all in black, saying goodbye to her one and only.

Why Did The Queen Sit By Herself At Prince Philip's Funeral?

It is not that her family didn't want to support Her Majesty. Instead, she was showing the world that we are in the middle of a pandemic and the rules apply to all of us.

The Queen was practising social distancing. Similarly, Prince Philip's funeral was limited to 30 people, as the government requires.

Yet, these photos made many rethink the rules.

Royal Households Pay Their Respects

The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty met when they were teenagers. They were married for 73 years, and he is the longest-serving Consort in Royal history.

Prince Charles, the couple's oldest son, was the first to talk to the press about his father's legacy. His older son, Prince William, spoke kindly about his grandpa and shared a photo of the Duke and his eldest son.

Prince Harry, Charles' younger son, released a statement via Archwell. He came to England immediately after hearing the news. His wife, Meghan Markle, did not attend the funeral since she's pregnant.

The Funeral Of Prince Philip

Prince Philip was laid to rest at 3 pm at St George's Chapel on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The country was in mourning for eight days. However, on the fourth day The Queen went back to work.

Due to Covid restrictions, there is an online book of condolences. In a way, it's what Prince Philip wanted: a small family gathering and not too much fanfare.

Prince Philip died on April 9, aged ninety-nine. His seat, next to Queen, will remain empty. However, Her Majesty will not be alone. Lady Susan Hussey, her lady in waiting, will now be the Queen's companion. The two started their friendship back in the 1960s.

May Prince Philip rest in peace.

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