Queefing Spider-Man Horrifies The Internet With Her Special Talent

A TikToker who likes to dress as Spiderman, wizqueifa, made a viral TikTok video of herself queefing.

She had shared the video through her second account on the platform. In the clip, she was lamenting that she could hardly share a thirst trap without getting the bizarre request.

In the video, she puts on a show for her fans, just as they had requested. Before long, the video had already gotten 4 million likes and over 27 million views.

Based on her username, this is a special skill, which largely explains why she has 3.4 million followers.

The TikToker goes by the name Safiya Witt, and most people are mainly interested in her special talent.

Still, some people are openly disgusted by what she can do, while others are curious about her unusual abilities.

Rather than the public enjoying a Spiderman thirst trap, they instead want her special performance. One of the commenters reminded her that with great power comes great responsibility.