Put All Your Trust In God: You'll Never Be Disappointed

Put All Your Trust In God: You’ll Never Be Disappointed

I remember it like it happened yesterday. I was taking a shower, full of hopelessness for the little I had achieved in my life.

I contemplated the water as it flowed, wondering where I went so wrong to end up as I did.

It Was As If I Wasn't Even Sure Who I Was

I began to question my abilities. Every small problem in my life felt like the biggest obstacle I have ever faced.

I took it to the only people I could: mom and dad. I explained how overwhelmed and lost I was. That nothing made sense. Not a damn thing.

Although they were genuinely concerned about me and my situation, there was not much they could do. That much they admitted.

In the end, this felt like another misstep for me because they were worried sick about me since I was living miles away from them.

Even with the continued assurances on the phone, they were still concerned about me.

It's True: Everything I Tried Didn't Seem To Be Working Out

And so, I began to doubt everything about myself. I was losing trust in my ability to make the right decisions for my life. And I can honestly tell you that there are a few things worse than this.

In my never-ending moments of worry, something came to me: maybe it was time to turn to God.

God Might Have The Answers

I went down on my knees in prayer. You'd think after all I had been through. I would ask Him to take away my pain. But no. I knew better.

What I requested was the courage to face whatever I was going through in my life.

I asked for patience and courage, and I sought His divine guidance. Yes, I was going through hell, but I would not ask Him to take away my hard situations from me.

I know that life is not a bed of roses. There will be ups and downs. Things can happen out of the blues, and we have to take them in our stride.

This is one of life's most bitter and useful lesson.

I Accept That I Will Not Always Understand God's Plans For Me

But one thing I can always do is have faith in Him. With my trust in His plans and timing, I know that I will be okay.

Everything else might fail, but God always comes through.

You don't have to know the where or when. When God answers your prayers, He does so at the best possible time.