Purple Heart Meaning From A Guy (Fully Explained)

The purple heart emoji has a range of interpretations in general.

But, when sent by a guy, what does a purple heart emoji symbolize specifically?

Learn the precise significance of receiving a purple heart in a text message from a man by reading further below.


The purple heart emoji can symbolize various things, including military veterans, love, support, and compassion in general.

However, when sent by a guy, the purple heart emoji can have numerous interpretations.

Here are 15 of the most frequent interpretations of purple heart emojis sent by guys:

1. It's a Sign of Love

The primary interpretation of heart emojis, regardless of color, is love.

However, this does not always imply romantic love, as these emojis can also be sent by non-romantic friends and in family group chats.

The purple heart emoji conveys a tender sentiment, making it a popular choice for expressing his love.

2. He's Showing You Support

The purple heart emoji is associated with the concept of support. If your guy is aware that you're facing a challenge or having a tough day, he might send you a purple heart as a symbol of support.

In addition to the purple and classic red heart, the blue heart is also used to convey support. When a guy sends "support" hearts, he often sends multiple, such as pairs or triplets.

3. It's a Sign of His Admiration

Receiving purple heart emojis from a guy does not always indicate a romantic interest. It can also simply be a symbol of his admiration for you.

The type of relationship or level of friendship you have with the guy is not relevant, as the purple heart emoji is usually sent in a non-romantic context.

Often, receiving two hearts from someone signifies admiration instead of love.

4. It Signifies Your Bonds

When a guy, including your boyfriend or husband, sends you purple heart emojis, it likely symbolizes the strength of your relationship.

Purple heart emojis can indicate strong bonds, regardless of whether they stem from shared military service, a school connection, or a romantic relationship.

5. He Wants to Hook Up

Cosmopolitan reports that the purple heart emoji has become a subtle indication of someone's desire for physical intimacy.

The question is whether the guy sending the purple hearts is aware of this interpretation, as described by Cosmopolitan.

Therefore, consider the individual and what their purple heart emoji might actually signify to them, the next time you receive one from a guy.

6. He Celebrates Purple Day

One of the primary uses of the purple heart emoji is to symbolize "Purple Day," which is a day dedicated to raising awareness of epilepsy worldwide.

It is unlikely that he is referring to Purple Day, unless the text/emoji is received on March 26th.

However, you wanted to learn all the meanings behind the purple heart, or you wouldn't have reached this point.

7. He Observes World Sanfilippo Awareness Day

It's also important to know that the purple heart emoji also represents Sanfilippo Awareness Day.

Sanfilippo is a rare genetic disorder primarily affecting children, causing issues with metabolism and hindering the body's ability to properly break down carbohydrates.

However, it is unlikely that this is the intended meaning behind the purple heart emoji, unless it is sent on November 16th.

8. He's Compassionate Towards You

The purple heart emoji, blue heart emoji, and broken heart emoji can all indicate that the sender has feelings of compassion or empathy towards the recipient.

If a guy sends you a text with purple hearts, it could mean he is showing you compassion as you are going through a difficult time. This could be related to a trying situation, difficulties at work or school, or anything else causing you distress. If he is aware of your struggles and feels compassion towards you, he may express it through the purple heart emoji.

9. He's Empathetic About Something

Purple hearts in texts can indicate empathetic feelings from friends, family, co-workers, classmates, and significant others. They often show their compassion towards us in situations where we may be struggling or going through a difficult time.

In addition to the purple heart, the yellow and orange heart emojis are also used to convey empathetic feelings through text.

10. It's Just a Heart Emoji

Occasionally, a blue moon may arise where an emoji is simply an emoji, lacking any deeper meaning or intention behind it. It may not convey love, support, or any other emotions.

You can often identify these casual messages as they often include a smiling face emoji along with hearts of various colors and other emojis.

11. He Likes the Color Purple (or Thinks You Do)

The preference for the color purple in emojis by men may stem from the belief that the recipient, typically a female, prefers it. Blue is often considered a masculine color, but sometimes men opt for purple as well.

These heart emojis may indicate love or just be a casual addition to a conversation, depending on the context in which they are sent.

12. A Red Heart Is Romantic (Pink Hearts too)

Red and pink hearts are often associated with romantic feelings or emotions by guys. The sparkling pink heart emoji in particular is seen as a representation of love.

He may send you purple hearts to avoid appearing too romantic, even if he has strong romantic feelings for you.

13. He Accidentally Sent the Wrong Type

Sometimes guys send purple hearts by mistake because they are in a rush or overly enthusiastic, and don't pay attention to the color of the heart they are sending. Other times, guys may not be too concerned with the color and send any heart emoji that comes to mind.

If he rarely sends you purple hearts, it might just be a mistake. He could also be trying out new emojis as he navigates from friendship to a romantic relationship with you.

14. He's a Purple Heart Veteran (or You Are)

Purple hearts are frequently sent between veterans as a symbol of recognition for their sacrifice, as the Purple Heart is a highly esteemed military award bestowed upon those who were injured or lost their lives while serving their country.

If you're interacting with a veteran, they may have a preference for using the purple heart emoji. Additionally, if you are a veteran, they might use purple hearts instead of red hearts as a gesture of respect.

15. He's a K-Pop Fan (or Thinks You Are)

In the early 2010s, fans of the famous K-pop band BTS adopted the purple heart as a symbol of their unyielding devotion to the group.

Nowadays, the purple heart emoji is widely used by K-pop fans to express their love and support for the genre, not just limited to BTS.


Before you respond to a heart emoji, you need to assess your own feelings towards it, to avoid sending incorrect signals to the sender.

Once you have evaluated your feelings towards the heart emoji he sent, consider the following methods of responding:

Reply With a Purple Heart Emoji

A popular response, especially if you're not sure how you feel about the purple heart emoji from him, is to reply with a purple heart emoji of your own.

Sending the same emoji back to him is a simple way to express gratitude, regardless of the emotion he is trying to convey.

Reply With a Heart of an Appropriate Color

The appropriate response to a purple heart emoji depends on how you feel about it and the intentions of the person who sent it. To express gratitude and acknowledge the emotion conveyed, you can reply with a heart emoji of the same or similar color.

If you don't have romantic feelings towards him, you can respond with a yellow heart emoji, orange heart emoji, or green heart emoji to convey a friendly sentiment.

Basically, avoid using red heart, pink heart, or broken heart emojis in your reply, as it may give him false hopes of a romantic relationship. Instead, choose an emoji like a yellow heart, orange heart, or green heart to indicate your level of affection and relationship with him.

Ask Him Over to "Hang Out"

If you're feeling romantic towards him, don't be afraid to express your feelings through emojis. A few red hearts and smiley faces will show your interest and excitement.

Another option could be to suggest a casual meet-up by inviting him to "hang out".

If you're interested, you can also encourage him by sending a flirty emoji, such as a winking face or a kissy face. This could lead to him sending a red heart emoji in response.

Ignore The Heart Emoji All Together

It's completely acceptable to not have romantic feelings towards the person who sends you hearts, of any color.

It's okay to not respond to a heart emoji if it's not what you want. You can choose to ignore it.

If he's just trying to pursue a romantic relationship and not genuinely looking to be friends, he may not move on easily. However, if he values your friendship, he will understand and accept your feelings.

Help Him to a Mutual Understanding

If you're already in a romantic partnership, receiving heart emojis from other guys is likely not something you appreciate. And that's perfectly understandable.

When someone acknowledges your relationship status, they will refrain from using the heart emoticon in their messages to you.

Therefore, in some cases, it may be necessary for you to facilitate a mutual understanding between yourself and the person sending you hearts - conveying that neither you nor your spouse/partner appreciate the use of the heart emoticon.


Does Purple Heart Mean Friendzone?

Receiving a purple heart emoji does not automatically signify being in the friend zone, nor does it necessarily indicate a strong form of love or attraction.

However, it's possible that guys send purple hearts to girls because they feel they are in the friend zone and want to avoid appearing overly clingy.

What's the Difference Between Purple and Blue Hearts?

The blue heart emoji typically represents loyalty, friendship, excitement, happiness, and admiration, and is frequently sent between males.

Purple hearts symbolize love, support, compassion, and empathy from friends or partners and are sent as a sign of their affection towards you.

Why Send a Purple Heart Emoji, Instead of Red?

Many guys use the purple heart emoji instead of the red one to avoid giving the impression of romantic or sexual interest. The purple heart is also commonly used by family and friends.

The purple heart emoji may be a cautious choice for guys to express their support and affection for you as a friend without revealing their true level of interest.

Is a Black Heart Emoji the Same as a Purple Heart?

The black heart emoji differs from the purple heart in that it conveys negative emotions such as emotional baggage, sadness, and melancholy, as well as themes like gothic lifestyle and depressing experiences.

In contrast, the purple heart emoji signifies love, support, friendship, and other positive emotions.