Public Flashing For The Shy: A Simple Guide

We won't go into why you think public flashing is something you should try; our focus will be entirely on how to do it easily as a shy person. Some say it's creepy, others argue it's rude, but many think it's daring and ballsy.

And so, there's every reason to believe that a shy person might wonder how they might do it right.

For instance, you might get yourself into a naughty truth and dare and would like to know how best to flash publicly as someone who dreads negative public attention.

You should know that under the right circumstances, anyone can flash in public. Besides, those who are up for this adventure don't want to end up getting labeled perverts.

That's why I think you should only flash when you are sure it will not make people freaked out and offended.

The idea is to have some fun and make those involved enjoy themselves.

So, however daring you are, only flash under the right circumstances; and make sure you do it properly.

Making your little incident look like a slip-up makes it more fun and adorable. So, if you are afraid that you are too shy to pull it off, these tips will keep you from backing off at the last minute.

A lot of shy exhibitionists hold back, but they are also very curious about how it feels to expose themselves in public among trying things such as threesomes and throuples.

1. Prepare For The Excitement That Goes With Public Flashing

So you don't feel like you had no idea what you were thinking after flashing in public. It's best to know what to expect after you do it. First of all, you will realize that it was not half as scary as you imagined; but only if you do it right.

In fact, you will feel a certain adrenaline rush that will make you feel liberated and thrilled by the entire experience. You might be quite glad you tried it out and will probably wonder why you waited so long.

2. Start Small Before Trying Full-blown Flashing

Obviously, it's a terrible idea to give public flashing a try in the most intimidating circumstances. So, the best option is to start small.

For instance, you can try to open the drapes a little while in the nude and see people go by. They don't have to be seeing you.

But seeing them in your birthday suit while they can't is also a pretty daring thing for a shy person.

You can even take things further and try to leave the drapes open while you get busy with your partner. The risk of you "getting caught" should feel quite exhilarating for you.

Just make sure no inappropriate passersby can see you such as your family members.

If you enjoy this, then odds are that you will enjoy public flashing when you finally give it a shot.

3. Progress Gradually

Letting your neighbors take an "accidental" peek at you is still a long way from showing yourself in public. So, you can take things a step further and make out with your partner in public.

You can start with the movie theater or even the coffee shop. It doesn't have to be something extreme either.

A kiss should get the job done as it will get you the attention you could get for public flashing.

If this still feels like too huge a step, you can close your eyes so you don't get distracted and mortified by the attention you get.

In any case, this form of exhibitionism is bound to take your sex life a notch higher. The memories will probably also be among the most erotic you have ever had.

4. Choose The Right Place For Public Flashing

Generally, there is no terrible place for public flashing, depending on how you do it. As you probably know, there is soft public flashing and more hardcore stuff.

During parties, many couples flash slightly a couple of times. They do it tastefully for everyone's enjoyment.

If this is the kind of flashing you have in mind, then you can find a corner, settle down, have fun, and then make out.

You can start by dancing and then keep upping the eroticism until you can safely flash. Under the circumstances, you will not get any complaints, and you will surely realize if anyone notices your sweet indiscretions.

Soft public flashing can also happen at the beach. It's easy because there are many skimpily dressed people around, and "slip-ups" of this nature are pretty common in these places.

Swimming pools can also be great places to flash publicly.

This form of flashing can really increase your excitement towards your partner, and it can make your sex life so much better.

5. Pace Yourself

Usually, people flash when they are horny, and that can lead to some misguided decisions because you might not be able to realize what's going on around you.

So, if you are doing it with your partner, make sure you proceed only after you are sure that your surroundings are safe for what you are about to do.

The last thing you need is a regret involving your nudity.

6. Public Flashing Is Always A Bit Risky

I hate to break it to you, but there is never an absolutely safe way for you to flash in public. But when you think about it, that is the one thing that makes it so exciting.

Ultimately, the fact that you are doing something scandalous makes public flashing quite risky.

But there are some things you can control.

For instance, you can decide how far to take the exhibitionism. For instance, you can go without the bra for a start or underwear.

Additionally, keeping things in check can help. For instance, don't get too intense with your partner to where you might lose control of yourselves and reveal more than you expected.

Some incidences can make you look cheap and crass, and people might get other perceptions about you that might not be particularly flattering.

7. Make Sure You Enjoy Yourself

You can take part in public flashing and still enjoy yourself immensely. Remember all the celebrities who have done it and their fans adored them more for it.

So, when done right, it can get you lots of positive attention.

Just think of all those times you have seen people flashing in public and it was such a special moment. You can be on the other side of this erotic narrative if you know how to do it.

Additionally, public flashing is one of the ways to take your sex life up a notch. Admit it. The thought of doing something that's taboo and getting away with it can do wonders for your love life.

If you are shy and think flashing publicly is something you would like to try, then there is a way to make the process easier.

As long as you know your limits and understand and control all the risks involved, you can do it without putting your reputation on the line. Public flashing is a form of sexual expression, and if you have the urge to do it, then make sure you do it right.