Proud Cougar Uses Simple Hack To Keep Big Boobs Perky In Her 40s

Amanda sports impressive GG cups and sometimes her ample assets can be more than a handful. However, the blond bombshell has a trick to keep her bosom looking pert, even after the age of 40.

Amanda is a size eight which makes her big bust even more noticeable. She often receives compliments and gets noticed wherever she goes.

The 42-year-old cougar does not mind the attention and she likes to share her tips for women in the same situation.

Large breasts can become droopy with age, however, it is not always necessary to go under the knife to enhance them.

"I always sleep with a bra on," she confessed. "It's almost like taking your glasses off – your eyes get used to glasses so you notice a difference without them."

"They mold into that shape over time," she continued explaining.

"I'm a GG naturally, I have a size eight frame and wear size one shoes, I wear kids' trainers."

Amanda embraces her sexuality and likes to wear outfits that highlight her assets.

She prefers to date men younger than herself. She has been unlucky with love as she has gone through several failed relationships.

The blond beauty now wants to enjoy a single life and there seem to be many opportunities. Men regularly praise her in messages and call her a MILF.

She has found that men her own age have trolled her in the past, while the younger ones are serious about asking her out.

The social media model, who has amassed over 60k followers on TikTok and 23k followers on Instagram, wishes to be courted during a date.

It is important for her to be treated like a lady and that the date ends while she is having a good time to keep the excitement for the next date alive.