Protect Your Peace

Protect Your Peace

When the unexpected strikes, and turns your life around, the only thing you can do is find a peace of mind. That feeling will protect you and offer you solutions, even when the situation seems unbearable.

Life can be brutal at times. Sometimes, just getting out of bed is a victory. But even small things can throw you off balance and ruin a perfectly good day. So, what can you do to prevent life's wicked ways from breaking your spirit? Find ways to maintain peace of mind with these tips:



Troubled times bring up the worst in us. We can't concentrate, and our stress levels are always rising. It's a vicious circle, but you're not helping yourself. You need to gain perspective, and you need a calm, relaxed mind to do so.

Mindful meditation is a quick, daily reminder that all we have is this moment. We can't change the past or see the future; however, we are allowed to make healthy choices at this very moment. It's like you're getting control by letting go.


Trust yourself

There are two things you can do each time you hear or experience something unpleasant. Try to relax, which is why meditation is crucial. The other is to trust your gut.

When you're relaxed and believe in yourself, you will be able to reason and to understand your situation better than when you're reacting on impulse. Your gut is beneficial, as long as you don't enter a panic mode.


Give yourself time

Emotional healing as a response to a negative or traumatic event isn't something you can rush. It's okay to wait, to take time and go through various emotional states.

Try to take one day at the time. You do your best to make this day a bit better than the previous one, but if you fail, that's okay as well. You are not a machine, and no one can fix you. However, you have the power of self-healing, and a beautiful mind, so trust that you're in good hands.


Get creative

Sometimes we need to express ourselves, and there's nothing more compelling than using your hands and your imagination to gain clarity. You can try writing, painting, even cooking or knitting. It's not about what you do, but how much focus you put into your work.

Creativity is not something you can force. But, it allows us to deal with our deepest, darkest emotions, more safely and less painfully. So, even if you think you have nothing to say or make, give it a shot. You will surprise yourself.


Open up

The saying "a friend in need is a friend indeed" is among the quote to live by. You need that one person who will listen, who will remind you that you're not alone.

When you're talking to someone, you're also expressing yourself in a more understanding way, so in a way, you're not just talking to your friend: you're also making sense out of your inner monologue. Some things are not as bad as we feel, and by expressing them, we are taking away their power.


Don't try to run away

Instead of trying not to think about the past event, you'll end up doing the opposite. It's impossible to force your brain to run away from the issues. Instead, to leave negativity, you need something to look forward to.

Happiness, peace of mind, and gratitude are the most powerful elements, forces, and tools we have to overcome any obstacle. Even when things seem impossible, trust your mind to find a solution. And to get a clear answer all you need is to be present, calm and to have some peace.