Protect Your Energy

Protect Your Energy

Not many people realize it, but their energy is quite precious and when it gets disturbed, it can affect you in many ways. There are people who are able to drain you of your energy and leave you basically starving. You'll become less motivated, less involved, and even start to feel depressed. Fortunately, there are ways to identify these people and learn how to avoid them.

Identifying Emotional Vampires

People who inspire negativity on purpose are probably emotional vampires. That makes their 'victims' easier to manipulate. It is also positive for them to 'feed' on positive energy. It is believed that these people have low vibrations and are attracted to high vibration energy sources. They will try to make people feel bad so they can feel better.


Let's discuss what you should and should not do when around these emotional and spiritual vampires. Not that people don't always realize the vampiric effect they have, so be cautious when dealing with them.

Sleep And Eat Well

This may seem like an odd way to deal with emotional vampires, but you do need a strong body. A strong body is host to a strong mind and will help you manage any attempts at emotional draining. Make sure that you follow a healthy and nutritious diet and get plenty of rest.


Don't Feel Sorry For Them

Emotional vampires are masters at evoking particular emotions from others. They will play the victim to get you to take pity on them and feel bad. Don't fall for this emotional manipulation and do your best to distance yourself. There is a way to tell if the person is genuine or has an ulterior motive. If you have offered a console and they rejected it or are not trying to fix the situation, it's likely they are just trying to get emotional reactions. In this case, step away and put up your barriers.


Avoid Them When You Feel Vulnerable Or Low

If you don't feel your absolute best, do not engage with someone you think is an emotional vampire. You will be exposing yourself to their manipulation and they'll be able to 'feed' off you. They have a way of dragging people down and if you're already feeling low, you can get affected badly.


Recharge After Being Around Them

If you've been around an emotional vampire for a while, you're going to want to take a breather. They can be very exhausting and no one can be completely immune to them for prolonged periods.

Hydrate, eat something nutritious and relax after an encounter with such a person. Avoid seeing them too soon again.


Stay Positive

If you're around this kind of person, you have to stay strong and positive. You cannot let them drag you to the emotional states they want you. Assure yourself constantly and repeat mantras of appreciation and love. Don't get negative, they'll pick up on your emotions.

Smile And Be Compassionate

This is more for your sake than theirs. The most effective way to deal with these people is to smile and send them compassionate feelings. They will not expect this and you will be free to leave. That's the best thing to do when things get intense.


Clean Your Aura

You need to have a strong and clean aura if you're going to defend yourself against an emotional and spiritual attacker. There are several ways to clean your aura. You can burn sage, meditate, take a relaxing bath, sunbathe or eat. Just sitting quietly is also good enough, as long as you are mindful of the healing process.

Utilise Visual Methods

It is possible to use visual techniques that will help protect you when dealing with emotional vampires. One method is to imagine a bright, golden light radiating from your head and core. Imagine intensifying the light and when you have made it as bright as you can form it into a bubble around your body. This will keep your energy safe and once you're in a safe space again, you can release the bubble.



Make use of frequent meditation to bolster your inner defenses and replenish your energy. Stay positive and aware and you will do just fine while you have to cope with being around emotional vampires.

Help Them

If you want to really help an emotional vampire because you care for them, you have to be careful. Unfortunately, asking for help can be nothing more than a ploy to drain you and get attention. It is up to the person if they want to change and you cannot force them, even if you wanted to.


Loving appreciation and acknowledgment will have to come from their side as well. This is something that can take a lot of time and patience, so hang in there. It's not impossible to help an emotional vampire to change, but it's not easy either.