Proof Of The Parallel Universe? Nazi Coin From 2039 In Mexico Sparks Bizarre Theories

Alternative universes, or parallel dimensions, have been a popular topic in literature and film for a long time. Many people have imagined what their life would be like in a different reality or if there is an alternate version of themselves existing somewhere else. Scientists have also been studying the possibility of alternative realities for many years.

Scientists have proposed various theories about the existence of alternative universes over time, some of which have been supported by real evidence. If any of these theories are true, it means that there is at least one universe that is different from our own. One of the most widely accepted theories is that of string theory, which posits that we live in a multiverse of nine dimensions, with only three of them being observable to us.

String theory suggests that our universe is three-dimensional and flat, like a sheet of paper, while other dimensions expand in various timelines and possibilities. Alternate versions of our world could be similar or vastly different. However, it remains only a theory, but what would happen if scientists discover evidence of parallel universes?

A video posted on YouTube in April 2018 features a man who claims to have found a coin that he believes is from a Nazi-controlled future in the year 2039.

The Nazi Coin From The Year 2039

Diego Avil├ęs claims to have discovered a mysterious coin during work in Mexico. He was drawn to the object when he read the inscriptions and saw the year 2039, along with the Reichsadler symbol of the Nazi party and the words "Nueva Alemania," which translates to "New Germany."

The other side of the coin features the inscription "Alies in einer Nation," which translates to "all in one nation," a motto that would be fitting for a country that has achieved world domination. While there is a place in Mexico called Nueva Alemania, located in the Municipality of La Concordia in the State of Chiapas, there is no record of any Nazi currency being found there.

As the video gained widespread attention online, some conspiracy theorists have asserted that it serves as conclusive evidence of a parallel universe, while others suggest that Germany will play a central role in a future World War III and that secret Nazi groups based in Antarctica will aid in Germany's victory.

Others have posited that the coin is from an "alternative" future in which the Nazis were victorious and had advanced technology, including time travel, and sent the coin back to the past, which ended up in our reality.

Is It Really A Coin From The Future World?

It is unclear if the coin bears the date 2039, as the images provided do not provide enough detail to confirm this. The number "39" is visible, but it could also be interpreted as 1939. In fact, silver 2 Reichsmark and 5 Reichsmark coins featuring the Nazi swastika were issued between 1938 and 1939.

It is important to note that the coin in question is just that, a coin. Even if it were stamped with the year 2039, it is unlikely that a nation that has achieved time travel would still be using silver as currency in that year. The idea that a coin, especially a silver one from the future, would be considered proof of time travel is not credible.

The Explanations

One issue with the claim that the coin is from a future Nazi-ruled Germany is the presence of the inscription "New Germany" written in Spanish. Mexico was never an ally of Nazi Germany, so it is unlikely that a coin from a future Nazi government would have this inscription. Additionally, it could be possible that it is a commemorative coin, however, it is also unlikely as Mexico and Nazi Germany did not have any kind of alliance.

Furthermore, Mexico declared war on Germany in 1942, which would make it unlikely for a coin from a future Nazi-ruled government to have the inscription "New Germany" in Spanish. Additionally, there is no known Nazi coin that bears the inscription "Alies in einer nation" (Allies in one nation). Even if the coin is not a montage, it is certainly an unusual coin that does not fit with known Nazi coinage, and would not support claims of it coming from a future or parallel universe.

There are numerous strange stories surrounding the Nazis, such as alleged connections between Hitler and the supernatural, the existence of a supposed "Nazi Bell" time machine, and rumors of psychic killers or super soldiers.

It is rumored that after Germany's defeat in 1945, some Nazis established secret bases in Antarctica that remain active to this day. The speculation is that these Antarctic Nazis may have developed time travel technology or the ability to travel through alternate realities.