Producer "Hopes" Alec Baldwin Will Be Charged With Manslaughter

Producer 'hopes' Alec Baldwin Will Be Charged With Manslaughter

Alec Balwin "discharged" a prop gun that left a female film crew member dead. The gun also injured a man.

The deadly incident happened during the making of his new film, Rust, in Mexico. Now, a producer has stated that he desires that Baldwin will face manslaughter charges.

Halyna Hutchins, the unfortunate 42-year-old crew member, succumbed to her injuries despite being flown to the hospital in a helicopter. Joel Souza, 48, received emergency care for his injuries.

The film producer, Errol Webber, posted on Twitter saying that Democrats were "protecting criminals."

In the tweet, Webber said:

"Hopefully Alec Baldwin gets manslaughter at the very least. But knowing the Democrats and their penchant for protecting criminals, I wouldn't be surprised if he gets off with 10 hours of community serviceā€¦"

Webber also highlighted a tweet Baldwin had made back in 2017 which said:

"I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someoneā€¦"

Some People Criticized The Producer For His Comments

However, many people are not happy with what Webber has said, and they have criticized him for trying to turn a tragedy into a political issue.

One of them asked why Baldwin should be charged with manslaughter considering that he was using a prop gun. According to this netizen, the person in charge of the prop department should be answerable.

Another commenter simply said: "What a dangerous and ill-informed take."

Similarly, another person thought the person in charge of props should be held responsible as it is their job to make sure the gun was safe.

Eventually, an important question was asked by a web user: "Was Michael Massee prosecuted after Brandon Lee's death?"

Some People Thought The Film Producer Had A Point

A group of people thought the film producer was right and claimed that Baldwin was a "protected species."

A Twitter user pointed out that all firearms, fake or otherwise, should be treated as real guns with live armor, which means the person holding the gun, pointing it at anyone, and discharging it has the responsibility of ensuring the weapon is safe.

Another simply claimed that Baldwin "will get nothing" as he is "on the side of the protected species."