Pro-Trump Rioters Smeared Poop In U.S. Capitol Hallways During A Belligerent Attack

pro-trump rioters smeared poop in u.s. capitol hallways during a belligerent attack

Only a few days into a new year, and we're back where we started. The main difference is that last year some were talking sh*t. Now, they're literally doing the nasty in the center of the USA's democracy.

Invasion of the Capitol left five people dead, as the rest of the world was looking at the US and wondering, "what the heck?" The others noticed that if Trump supporters were black, there would be more police. And they wouldn't be as peaceful.

We know that politics is a dirty business, but doing number two in US Capitol hallways is a bit extreme. According to a source close to Senator Chuck Schumer, staffers to the New York Democrat found out about this incident on Thursday.

Extremist got excited, clearly

According to Schumer's source, the pro-Trump extremists used bathrooms, and then they smeared their feces, leaving behind brownish "foot-prints."

The person said:

"It looked like they tracked it around."

In addition, the same rioters smashed windows, vandalized offices, leaving behind chaos and poop.

However, Schumer has more significant issues at the moment. As his source explained:

"Schumer is dealing with proverbials**t — not this kind."

What the source was referring to is the situation regarding Donald Trump himself. Schumer and other Democrats on Capitol Hill are calling for Trump to be impeached via the 25th Amendment in light of his riot's stimulus.

Trump's first messages of support to the protestors are still echoing, as instead of trying to stop his supporters, he said: "We love you," in a now-deleted Twitter video.

As for soon to be former POTUS, things aren't looking great. His Twitter is permanently deleted, there's a petition to remove him from Home Alone 2, and if he faces the 25th Amendment, he will lose all the perks former presidents get.

Trump's controversial presidency is full of stains, though this pooping incident was the clearest sign that everything we thought we knew about democracy might be at stake.

Biden-Harris better get prepared. They have a lot of mess to clean up in a short period.