Private Life Is A Happy Life: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Life To Yourself

Private Life Is A Happy Life: 5 Reasons To Keep Your Life To Yourself

In the era of oversharing, solitude may come in something simple and manageable. Keep your life private, and wonders will start happening!

It's easy to get lost in social media, and generally, in conversations. So, when you meet someone who's listening instead of oversharing and burdening you with their lives, it's quite refreshing. You can become that person, and it will make your life so much easier. And even happier!


There's no big secret: the fewer people know about your business, the happier life you'll have. Why? Because people talk and your privacy will, at some point, become a matter of someone's less than friendly intentions.

Stop talking about your finances

It's your money and whatever you decided to do with it is your thing. Money can make people look at you in a particular light, plus as our grandmas said: it's always impolite to talk about finances.


Grandmas were right, but don't forget that people will try to abuse your situation, one way or another. Your bank accounts, spendings, savings, and general views of finances are private.

Don't talk about family drama

Some things should stay in the family. By keeping your mouth shut, you're showing respect to other family members, and you're not airing your dirty laundry to the public.


Some people will do anything for attention, but you're better than that. If you do want to share your story, to empower others, that's up to you. But don't talk about secrets your aunt told you, it's tacky and makes you less trustworthy.

Politics, religion, etc

Your beliefs don't have to be out in the open, because no matter what you say, someone will want to convince you in believing otherwise. These are personal matters, and no one should have the power to argue over them with you.


In a nutshell, you're saving yourself a lot of grief, and your personal choices about your own lifestyle shouldn't affect people around you.

Your love life, your thing

There's no need to update your Facebook status each time your end or enter a new relationship. Your sexual and romantic life are intimate, so at the very least, you should honor yourself by not posting every detail to borderline strangers.


The best thing to do is give vague answers, and only keep your close circle of friends in the know. And they don't need to know every detail, because you should respect the other side – your partner.

Plans, hopes, and dreams

We all have dreams, but some believe it's bad luck to reveal them before they come true. However, we aren't that superstitious. It's merely a fact that there's power in privacy.


Some people will try to help you and make things go in the right direction. Others will not be so generous, so your dreams might get shattered the moment a wrong person finds out what you want.

Don't brag

If you do something nice and kind, you don't have to advertise it. It's quite simple: a good deed isn't a good deed if you're getting self-promotion out of it.


However, if it's a good cause, then you should help raise awareness. The bottom line is that you can always make a mistake by oversharing. But, in some situations, you should think about whether you might do some good if you do share.

By guarding your privacy, you're making people guess. You're not just keeping your business away from the others, but you're looking classy and mysterious, which are rare qualities in this society. It's your life, your world, and the fewer people know about it, the more peace and happiness you'll be able to get merely from protecting your right to privacy.


People will talk, but it's much more amusing to hear stories about yourself, you know, that are made up. It's also a perfect way to find out who are your real friends. Silence is golden!