Prisoner Serving Life Sentence Starts TikTok Cooking Show From His Jail Cell

Jeron Combs, a man serving a life sentence in California for first-degree murder, has gained fame on TikTok for his cooking show filmed in his prison cell. Despite being sentenced to 70 years in prison at the age of 18, Combs has amassed over 1.3 million followers on the social media platform under the username @blockboyjmoney with his unique cooking tutorials.

1. Cooking in prison isn't easy

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Combs explained the challenges of cooking in prison, stating that he had to modify a hot plate and use his bed frame as a grill in order to create his meals. He said, "I broke a hot pot down and took the plate out of it and sanded my bunk down to the metal to cook from it." Despite the limitations of cooking in jail, Combs has gained popularity on TikTok for his creative cooking tutorials.

2. There are other limitations to Jeron's cooking

Jeron has made a variety of dishes such as burritos, tacos, and burgers using only pre-packaged foods available in the jail's commissary or sent to him by family and friends. As he is incarcerated, he does not have access to a refrigerator or freezer. Despite this, he has been able to create tasty meals with the resources available to him.

3. The prison canteen lives a bit to be desired

Jeron's motivation for starting his cooking show was to improve upon the food options available to him in prison. He said, "I decided to cook because it's better than what they feed us. We get food packages from the canteen, so we can order packaged food in." He has used these pre-packaged ingredients to create his own meals and share them with his followers on TikTok.

4. He only learned to cook while behind bars

Jeron had no previous experience with cooking before being imprisoned, but has since honed his skills and even started feeding his fellow inmates. He said, "I cook burritos, tacos, quesadillas, rice bowls, stir fry, burgers, tostadas, and bacon, but burritos are my favorite because I've been cooking them for so long." In addition to sharing his recipes on TikTok, Jeron also enjoys cooking for his cellmate and friends on special occasions. He stated, "I have a passion for cooking. I have been in jail since 18 and this is where I learned all my cooking from."

5. He hopes his TikTok success educates people on the outside

Jeron hopes that his cooking show will help to change people's perceptions of life in prison. He said, "I don't want people to look down on us because of the mistakes we made and see that jail is a different place for some people. Some people think that it's all about violence and what they hear or see on TV, but it's so much more to what people don't see. I want to be able to enlighten them on what's going on behind these walls." Through his cooking show, Jeron aims to show a different side of life in prison and to share his passion for cooking with others.