Prisoner Laughs As He's Found Guilty For Murdering One Of Britain's Worst Paedophiles In Jail

prisoner laughs as he’s found guilty for murdering one of britain’s worst paedophiles in jail

One of Britain's worst pedophiles, Richard Huckle, has died in jail at the hands of another detainee, Paul Fitzgerald. However, the man was not sorry for what he did, and he chuckled after being found guilty of the murder.

For the vicious killing, the man will face at least 34 years in prison. The crime happened at HMP Full Sutton East Yorkshire.

History Of Psychopathy

Apparently, Fitzgerald laughed as the judge handed down the sentence.

prisoner laughs as he's found guilty for murdering one of britain's worst paedophiles in jail

Here are the words Justice Lavender used during the sentencing:

You are an insane person and get delight from envisioning tormenting, assaulting, executing, and in any event, eating others. You went into his cell prepared and proposed to assault and slaughter Mr. Huckle and if conceivable cook and eat portions of him.

You did this for your own pleasure and to do equity. You additionally did this for help and to be alluded to a high-security unit.


I am certain you settled on a cognizant choice to murder him. As you said yourself, you submitted murder without a second thought.

Murder Preceded By 78 Minutes Of Torment

Before killing him, Fitzgerald tormented Huckle for more than an hour. During that time, the infamous pedophile was assaulted, attacked, and eventually chocked with an electric link by the man.

In the end, the pedophile died and he was found with his hands bound.

According to news reports, Fitzgerald was riding Huckle on the floor as he lay in a pool of his own blood. His face was bloodied and seriously wounded, and he had a cut on his neck inflicted using a toothbrush.


The man did not deny killing the pedophile, nor did he regret it.

However, it was also revealed in court that Fitzgerald often experiences symptoms of psychopathy.

He also has serious issues with sexual offences, which explains why his reaction to being in the same cell as a known pedophile resulted in such a vicious attack.

prisoner laughs as he's found guilty for murdering one of britain's worst paedophiles in jail

At the time he was murdered mercilessly, Huckle had already served 3 years of his 22 life sentences for his crimes.

England was warned about Huckle by Australia's Queensland Police Service. Even before he got to the country, he had already been connected to possession of child abuse material.

When he got to London in 2014, he was questioned about this and his camera, phone, PC, and hard drives were confiscated. He also admitted to having committed the crimes, which involved the abuse of many children in Malaysia and Cambodia.

prisoner laughs as he's found guilty for murdering one of britain's worst paedophiles in jail

While the pedophile's death might not be mourned by many given his history of upsetting sexual abuse offences, the manner in which he lost his life was still a concern for the authorities. That is why his killer will still have to do time in jail for depriving the world of a famed sex criminal.