Prince Harry And Prince William Leave Prince Philip Funeral Together

The funeral of Prince Philip brought many saddening moments. The tearful Queen was sitting alone, Prince Charles was in tears, hugging his daughter-in-law, Kate, stoic Princess Royale held back the tears.

Yet, the moment everyone's talking about is the short and sweet reunion of the feuding brothers, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Prince Philip's Final Years

Prince Philip died just a few months before his 100th birthday. He spent his life serving the Queen, and the two had four children together.

However, in his last few years, his health declined. At the same time, his family faced two significant issues.

First was Prince Andrew and his alleged connections to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married. Yet, the two had to live with the Royal family, and they are no longer working royals.

A month before Prince's death, Meghan and Harry opened their hearts to Oprah. The interview caused quite the stir, and many things got lost in the tabloid coverage of it.

Both Meghan and Harry praised The Queen, Prince Philip as well as Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince Philip had several major surgeries, a car accident, and in February 2021, he underwent surgery. Things were looking up, but he was in and out of the hospitals until his end.

Prince William And Prince Harry Reunited

No one knows what went on between the two brothers. There are many various sources and stories, yet none of them are reliable.

After the funeral of their grandpa was over, Prince Harry caught up with his brother and sister-in-law. Kate smoothly went on to comfort other Royals, and Prince Charles' and Lady Diana's sons were reunited.

If their rift was as serious as some suggest, only time and a lot of understanding will improve their relationship. It's not as easy as kiss and makeup.

Body language experts say that the two were more relaxed then in the past few years, which is a start.

prince harry and prince william leave prince philip funeral together
prince harry and prince william leave prince philip funeral together

The brothers released two different statements, but they both shared their love and admiration for their grandfather's intelligence and sense of humor.

Though many act as if this is the first sibling spat in history, even the Queen had a complicated relationship with her sister, Princess Margaret.

Besides, siblings argue all the time.

Witnessing History

Prince Philip was the longest serving Consort in the British Royal history.

His unique life, from childhood to his later years, was full of heartbreak and incredible achievements.

He was also quite close to Prince William and Harry and clearly proud of what they've become, despite the dramatic divorce and losing their mother in their early teens.

The Queen signed a personal note with a nickname the Duke gave her when she was still a girl - Lilibeth.

prince harry and prince william leave prince philip funeral together
prince harry and prince william leave prince philip funeral together

Meghan also sent a handwritten note, as the rest said their final goodbyes just as Philip wanted - with his closest and dearest and not much turbulence.

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