Prince Andrew's Ex Shows "Another Version" Of Infamous Photo To "Prove It's Fake"

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

It would appear that Prince Andrew's ex has made it her mission to prove that he is innocent of the serious abuse accusations he is dealing with.

She has shared a "real" version of the incriminating photo of Prince Andrew and his accuser, Virginia Giuffre.

Prince Andrew And Virginia Giuffre Have Already Reached An Agreement

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

His ex has decided to share the photo even though Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre have already arrived at a settlement in the abuse lawsuit.

Jeffrey Epstein Got Famous Due To Bear Stearns

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

Bear Stearns is an elite investment bank. Epstein eventually started his investment firm.

He was first accused of various crimes back in 2005.

The charges were followed by a conviction in 2008 when he was found guilty of operating an underage pornography ring that was linked to many high-profile people.

For this conviction, Epstein spent thirteen months in jail.

Things Went From Bad To Worse

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

Things did not improve for Epstein even after his release. He was put under arrest once again on July 6, 2019.

He was accused of trafficking in minors in Florida and New York. As he awaited his trial, he was held in a New York prison.

For most of his life, Epstein had managed to do his criminal acts without any consequences. His wealth and social influence certainly had a role in this.

When he was arrested in 2019, it was, therefore, a huge win for his victims.

Epstein had many famous friends, and many of them had a history of visiting his island, where the despicable crimes happened.

British Royal Family Member, Prince Andrew, Was One Of Epstein's Friends

Naturally, Epstein's famous friends have distanced themselves from the crimes he was accused of committing. Nevertheless, people are not sure that these people are as innocent as they would want us to believe.

Epstein Didn't Get Chance To Spill The Beans On His Friends

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

Epstein was found dead in his prison cell in Manhattan after he hanged himself.

Despite the death being ruled a suicide, some people thought there was something suspicious about it. That's because the man had links to famous political and public figures.

Epstein's Death Slowed Down The Investigations

The investigation into what Epstein and his buddies may have been up slowed down until the show, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, started airing on Netflix.

His Victims Finally Had A Chance To Speak Out

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

The victims recounted the horrors they went through. They were assaulted by Epstein and his friends as they offered them "massages."

Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein's ex and friend, also had something to share with the world.

Maxwell Had Remained Silent After Epstein Death

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

She had avoided being seen in public after Epstein died. She was also not accused of her role in the scandal during this time.

The FBI took Maxwell into custody in New Hampshire. During her hearing, she was considered a flight risk, leading to the court's decision to keep her in custody as she was transferred to New York for a detention hearing.

In addition to being accused of enticing minors and trafficking underage girls, Maxwell was also accused of lying about her role in the trafficking ring during a deposition in 2016.

Maxwell Has Had A Tough Time In Prison

Her lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim argued that Maxwell was facing worse prison conditions than inmates convicted of murder and terrorism.

Her lawyer complained that Maxwell was in solitary confinement where she was being "excessively and invasively" watched 24 hours a day.

The lawyer claimed that besides being monitored using video in her cell, Maxwell's movements were also been tracked whenever she stepped outside her cell.

Her Lawyer Hopes She Will Get More Leniency In Prison

Despite her many attempts, the lawyer's efforts did not work as intended.

The lawyer argued that Maxwell's jail conditions were "inappropriate" in documents submitted in court.

The lawyer argued that the surveillance Maxwell was undergoing was similar to scenes of Dr. Hannibal Lecter's incarceration and that only a cage and a plastic face guard were missing.

According to the media, the lawyer also claimed that Maxwell's detention conditions were "reprehensible and utterly inappropriate for [a] woman on the cusp of turning 60."

She noted that Maxwell was 60 and had no criminal record or a history of violence.

Sternheim Noted That The Conditions Maxwell Was Facing Were "Unwarranted, Unrelenting"

Sternheim said that Maxwell was subjected to both physical and emotional abuse by the correction officers.

The lawyer also claimed that she was staying in poor and unsanitary living conditions and was not getting sufficient nutrition. She also said that Maxwell was suffering from sleep deprivation.

The lawyer also complained that she had problems reviewing millions of legal discovery documents being used in the case.

Maxwell Also Talked About Her Plight

Maxwell said that she had stopped taking showers every day because "creepy guards" would stand close by and stare at her the entire time. She also complained that a "friendly rat" would visit her regularly when she visited the washroom.

Nothing Was Done Until A Rat Scared A Guard

Despite telling the guards about what she was going through, nothing was done to make the situation better until a rat emerged and "charged a guard who screamed in terror."

After that incident, the sewer drain was covered.

On Several Occasions, Maxwell Requested Bail

Unfortunately for her, the court rejected all her requests for bail.

Maxwell's Trial Eventually Began

The trial began with opening arguments. Maxwell seemed quite relaxed as the trial started.

Maxwell Laughed And Chatted With Defense Lawyers As The Trial Progressed

Despite wearing a mask, Maxwell seemed to be enjoying herself as the trial took place. Her lawyers included Leah Saffian, Christian Everdale, and Bobbi Sternheim, who was talking with her during the trial.

Maxwell Even Waved To Her Sister

During the trial, she found time to wave to her sister, Isabel Maxwell. She was sitting right behind her.

Her behavior led many to think that she had no remorse for the charges she was facing.

Trial Drawings Showed Maxwell's Behavior During Her Trial

People also realized that Maxwell's hair was freshly dyed while she was in court. She was wearing a jumper, heels, and black trousers instead of a bright orange prison garment.

The Trial Revealed Many Shocking Realities

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

Some of the revelations made were about Epstein's house, and others were about a set of rules the staff had to adhere to.

The most horrifying discovery was about recent photos that were shared as Maxwell was being tried.

The Pictures Were Shared On Social Media

The pictures showed Epstein and Maxwell enjoying their luxurious life together. They were holding each other warmly, and these are not the images Maxwell wanted the court to ever see.

More Than A Dozen Photos Were Shared By The Prosecution

Using the photos, the prosecution explained the strange connection Maxwell had to Epstein, leading them to the conclusion that they were "partners in crime."

Here Are Some Of These Pictures

Alison Moe, the prosecutor, said that the photos demonstrated the close relationship Maxwell and Epstein had enjoyed over the years.

The prosecution pointed out that their hairstyles were changing in the photographs over time because they were getting older.

Finally, The Court Made Its Decision

The court found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of all charges made against her, except for one count. She was sentenced to up to 65 years behind bars.

So, she might be 125 years old by the time she is freed.

With Maxwell's Conviction, The Focus Is Now On Prince Andrew

Prince Andrew, Donald Trump, and Bill Clinton are among the high-profile people who have been connected to Epstein and Maxwell.

Virginia Giuffre Accused Prince Andrew Of Assaulting Her

Previously, Virginia Giuffre spoke out about being a trafficking victim. She also accused Prince Andrew of assaulting her.

She discussed the sexual assault she suffered during the Netflix miniseries, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.

Giuffre talked about being trafficked to Prince Andrew on three separate occasions. Prince Andrew is one of Queen Elizabeth II's sons.

When She Was 17, Giuffre Was Asked By Maxwell To Do For Prince Andrew What She Had Done For Epstein

The incident took place when Giuffre was in Maxwell's apartment in London.

Prince Andrew Denied The Claims During A BBC Interview

Prince Andrew vehemently denied the allegations against him:

"I can absolutely categorically tell you that it never happened."

He also said he had no memory of a photo of him and Giuffre being taken when she was 17.

He Said He Was Not Sure If That Was His Hand

During his interview with BBC, Prince Andrew said he was not sure if that was his hand holding Giuffre in the photo.

Additionally, when Emily Maitlis wanted to know his reason for staying at Jeffrey Epstein's home in New York after his first conviction, Prince Andrew said that he had stayed there because it was convenient for him to stay there.

He was also asked if he had been sexually involved with Giuffre on 3 occasions and he said no.

The Prince Is Facing Sexual Abuse Charges

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

In the lawsuit against Prince Andrew, Giuffre said that she had been trafficked to Prince Andrew by Epstein when she was aged 17.

In 2019, Epstein paid Giuffre $500,000 so that she would not sue anyone who was connected to him as a "potential defendant."

Prince Andrew Wanted The Lawsuit Against Him Dismissed

The request was dismissed by the court.

The lawyer made the request during a video conference hearing on January 12. Prince Andrew's lawyers tried to use the agreement Epstein and Giuffre had to have the case dismissed.

Prince Andrew Was Not Mentioned By Name In The Agreement

Although Prince Andrew was not specifically mentioned in the agreement, they tried to argue that it offered him protection from Giuffre's lawsuit.

The agreement said that it would "remise, release, acquit, satisfy and forever discharge" anyone who was a potential defendant.

Prince Andrew's Lawyer Argued That He Was A "Potential Defendant" As Stated By The Agreement

Even though the lawyer argued that Prince Andrew was a potential defendant, Judge Lewis A Kaplan argued that the phrase "potential defendant" had at least two interpretations.

According To One Of The Definitions, Prince Andrew Would Not Be Exempt From The Lawsuit

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

Based on the lawsuit, a narrow interpretation of the term meant that the words meant that Andrew was not protected from Giuffre's lawsuit.

The judge also pointed out that the lawyers were trying to use the agreement in another lawsuit, even though the agreement said that it could not be used "by any other person in any other case."

Giuffre's Lawyer, David Boies, Said Prince Andrew Was Not A "Potential Defendant"

According to Giuffre's lawyer, Andrew was not in the category of people who were engaged in the trafficking and was just one of the people to whom the girls were trafficked.

In the legal papers, Andrew denied all the claims that were being made against him in Giuffre's lawsuit.

He Denied All The Allegations Against Him

Prince Andrew made a total of 41 denials, and also said 40 times that there was insufficient information to admit or deny the other claims being made against him.

He Also Denied Being Maxwell's Close Friend

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

In the filings Prince Andrew made, he denied that he visited Epstein's homes regularly.

He also submitted eleven defenses in which he was asking for the case to be dismissed while also demanding a jury trial.

There Was Another Twist

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

Out of court, a settlement in the lawsuit has been reached between Andrew and Giuffre.

Court documents state Andrew and Giuffre have reached a "settlement in principle."

In the court filing, it was stated that Andrew would have to make a significant donation to "Ms. Giuffre's charity in support of victims' rights."

The Filing Also Recognized Giuffre's Suffering

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

The filing also said that Andrew had no intention of maligning Giuffre's character. He also claimed to have realized that she had suffered as a victim of abuse and that she had suffered due to public attacks against her.

As a result, he will have to show his regret for his links to Epstein by supporting the fight against sex trafficking and offering support to the victims.

Prince Andrew Also Praised Giuffre's Bravery

He also applauded Giuffre's courage and the courage shown by other survivors who were standing up for themselves and fellow victims of abuse.

Still, some people don't think Andrew is guilty of the charges leveled against him, including his ex.

Lady Victoria Hervey Shared A Photo Of Andrew And Giuffre

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

Lady Victoria Hervey is Prince Andrew's ex, and she decided to share an alternative photo of Andrew and Giuffre.

She thinks that the photo Giuffre shared is faked.

Andrew's Ex Shared The Photo And Her Thoughts On Instagram

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

She wrote saying that Giuffre had suddenly wanted to settle the case very fast because "truth was coming out about her criminal fabricated photo."

According to her, she had settled because her lawyers were panicking. Hervey went on to say that Giuffre deserved nothing less but a "prison cell full of rats."

She Posted A Photo Of Andrew And Giuffre

Prince Andrew's Ex Shows 'another Version' Of Infamous Photo To 'prove It's Fake'

She shared a version of a photo of Andrew and Giuffre that had been circulated before, except in the new photo, Maxwell is seen standing on her own.

After that, she posted a picture of Giuffre in which she called her a scam artist and said that if she aged like Giuffre had, she would "probably want to sue GOD."