Priest Shoots Baby With Water Pistol To Baptise It

Priest Shoots Baby With Water Pistol To Baptise It

We are learning to live with Covid-19. It involves online weddings, virtual birthday parties, as well as baptisms with water pistols.

Clearly, nothing will scare off Satan more than a priest shooting a baby with his llama gun.

Priests who are using toy guns are a rising trend since we're learning social distancing. On this particular occasion, things looked even weirder since there's a baby involved.

The viral photo is a mystery

A couple decided to baptize their baby, and the photo went viral. The priest and his llama gun are clearly taking over the Internet.

However, the rest is a mystery.

No one knows where the photo took place. Similarly, we don't know who's the pastor-priest-minister or who're the parents.

Of course, we want to travel to the future right now and see this baby as an adult. Then, show them what went on during their baptism.

— Bilge Ebiri (@BilgeEbiri) May 24, 2020

The instant reaction on the web went from disbelief to hysterical laughter. Some netizens criticized the religious act in the pandemic entirely.

Other Twitter users say the photo looks like something out of a Scorsese movie, and we can see the resemblance. However, the picture's missing Leo DiCaprio.

What's with the llama gun?

Seriously, we need to know, why llama gun? Were others sold out?

It looks more like a sheep; sheep would also be more in tune with the Catholic Church's spirit.

priest shoots baby with water pistol to baptise it
priest shoots baby with water pistol to baptise it

But though most comments are ironic, some saw the bright side.

— NotAGuitarHero (@IamNoGuitarHero) May 25, 2020

One Twitter user says that this baptism seems like fun. It seems less traumatic for a child, or at least we hope so.

And though the photo was taken sometime during summer, no one knows why it went viral now.

Perhaps the photographer wanted to keep things private. But, it's too good not to share with the world.

— Experiencing A Significant Poggers Shortfall (@mechanicalkurt) May 24, 2020

Baptism is not a joking matter but look at the original photo. A priest is holding a llama gun while shooting, and the target is a baby.

The joyous moment is now a meme, thanks to Covid-19.

Drive-through chapel shooting

A similar thing happened when one minister turned his holy place into a drive-through and shot people's cars.

Reverend Pelc revealed that he was stressed about what the Vatican might think about his techniques. However, he still doesn't know how the Pope feels:

priest shoots baby with water pistol to baptise it
priest shoots baby with water pistol to baptise it

"I haven't heard anything yet. "

Translation: the Pope most likely doesn't mind. Pelc clarified that he has a "pretty wacky brain and pretty tolerating gathering,"

All jokes aside, this is the time for science to speak up. And our religious belief can help us, though they cannot protect us from the virus.

No matter how strange it looks, this is social distancing. It's not something we thought we would ever see but isn't that what 2020 is all about?

We need a good laugh

The church gets points for creativity.

Also, let's not forget that we live in a crazy world. And laughter is all we have left from our pre-Covid lives.


The jokes are writing themselves and Twitter, as always, delivered!

— Kujo Nephtees ⭐ (@Nephtees) May 24, 2020