President Donald Trump And Melania Trump Have Tested Positive For Covid-19

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump Have Tested Positive For Covid-19

US President Donald Trump shared some disturbing news with the world on Friday, 2 October. He revealed that he and his wife, first lady Melania Trump have tested positive for Covid-19.

He added that they would go into quarantine and get through the situation together.

After the announcement, Melania took to social media to notify everyone that she and Donald feel 'good.'

This news comes while Americans are getting ready to vote for their next president on 3 November and it is very serious.

Trump testing positive means this is the most serious health threat to a sitting US president in many years.

He is 74 and not a shining example of health. As such, Trump is in the highest risk category. He could easily suffer serious complications from the virus.

As of now, the Coronavirus pandemic has resulted in the deaths of over 200,000 Americans and more than one million people globally.

Last Public Appearance Before Announcement

Trump last appeared in public on 1 October, when he was making his way back to the White House. He had attended a fundraising trip to New Jersey and appeared in good health upon his return.

The President's doctor, Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley, had confirmation of the positive tests later that evening.

For now, the White House medical team will be keeping a close eye on the President and his wife.

The doctor added that he expects Trump will continue with his duties while he recovers.

Trump's Infection Comes After He Downplayed The Virus

Late Thursday night, it was announced Trump was planning to quarantine after it came to light that a close aid of his tested positive. Hope Hicks' infection brought the disease into the President's inner circle.

Only a while earlier, on the same night, Trump downplayed the spread of the virus. He said that the end of the pandemic is in sight.

Since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, Trump has infuriated people by not taking it seriously enough.

The President and his aides also ignored social distancing rules and the necessity of wearing masks.

He even mocked his presidential opposition, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask frequently.

Trump repeatedly stated that America is 'rounding the corner' on Covid-19 and said the virus would disappear.

His health experts disagreed and said reality does not reflect what he's claiming. Furthermore, he complained about Democratic governors who maintained strict lockdowns.

Now, many feel that karma has come for the President, who was in denial about the seriousness of Covid-19.

The President's Risk

Trump's health could be in serious danger - he has blatantly ignored medical recommendations regarding the virus.

He continued to follow a busy schedule and visited states where infections are high, doing packed rallies.

Although his medical history isn't public knowledge, Trump's recent physical indicated that he weighs 243 pounds. He is considered obese for his height.

While his doctor insists that he is doing alright, only time will tell how Trump's body will deal with the virus.