Preserved Great White Shark Carcass Was Found In Abandoned Wildlife Park

It's astonishing what individuals leave behind when they vacate a location for good during the packing process, but a preserved great white shark carcass is certainly noteworthy.

When visiting a wildlife park, one usually anticipates encountering live animals kept at a safe distance to prevent harm to visitors. However, one park had a giant shark preserved in formaldehyde as its main attraction.

For those interested in this type of exhibit, there's no need to worry about a Deep Blue Sea scenario where the shark could escape and wreak havoc. This particular specimen is long dead and well-preserved.

Regarding its presence, the great white shark was caught in tuna fishing nets off the coast of Australia and was unable to escape.

With no feasible means of releasing her, the decision was made to humanely end the shark's life. Let us refer to her by her name, Rosie, from here on.

In 1998, the Wildlife Wonderland wildlife park expressed interest in acquiring Rosie's carcass as an exhibit. However, before doing so, she underwent an autopsy due to reports of a missing person along the coast.

Following the autopsy, Rosie was transferred to Wildlife Wonderland where she was placed in a tank filled with formaldehyde to preserve her body.

Unfortunately, the park appears to have taken on more than it could handle with its plans for expansion to feature more marine life and has since fallen into disrepair.

The park closed in 2012 and had to relinquish its live animals, however, since Rosie was already deceased, she was left untouched in her tank amidst the deteriorating remains of the abandoned park for years.

Despite the park being abandoned, Rosie remained a popular attraction as people would break in to see her, including YouTuber Lukie Mc in 2018.

This renewed interest in Rosie led to both positive and negative attention. Once word spread of the five-meter shark was openly accessible in a tank, individuals began to vandalize it and nearly caused its destruction.

A video circulated showing someone tossing a television into the tank and attempting to break the glass with a hammer.

Fortunately, their efforts were unsuccessful. However, had they succeeded, they would have faced the consequences of formaldehyde being toxic. Despite this, Rosie remained abandoned and alone.

Thankfully, efforts to rescue Rosie were initiated, and in 2019 she was acquired by the Crystal World Exhibition Centre, where she is now on display for public viewing once again.