Pregnant Dog Shot 17 Times Is Now A Registered Therapy Dog

Pregnant Dog Shot 17 Times Is Now A Registered Therapy Dog

What has to go so wrong that a pregnant dog would have to endure 17 ruthless shots? Probably nothing. The world is wicked, cruel, uncaring, and void, but also beautiful in countless ways, as this dog undoubtedly proves.

Her Name Is Maggie And She's Five

At the time she was found, she was in pretty bad shape. That's probably an understatement considering her ear was severed and her eyes were shot out. And oh, her jaw was broken.

In short, she was completely helpless. And also pregnant.

Luckily, Wild Heart Foundation, an animal charity, found her. Eventually, she ended up in the caring hands of Kasey Carline, a 25-year-old animal lover from Brighton.

After such an ugly history, you would think the mental trauma would haunt Maggie and make her forever broken and incapable of having a normal relationship with people.

But no, Maggie didn't let a few bullet wounds turn her into a psychological mess.

With an unbelievable amount of inner strength, she has become a registered therapy dog, an astronomical feat that continues to win her the admiration of many.

Needless to say, she had to undergo serious rehabilitation.

But that went so well she even got training as an assistance dog. She did not get any special treatment to gain the title based on her condition.

She Actually Passed The Therapy Dog Test

Today, Kasey and Maggie travel to many schools where they retell Maggie's gripping story. She is currently a therapy dog with Underdog International.

The caption below the picture showing her amazing feat says: "Guess what… I am now a registered therapy dog!! Do you think I'll be able to make people happy?"

How touching.

But in all honesty, Maggie has already made a lot of people very happy with her undying resilience.

Maggie is totally a natural as a therapy dog, and nobody that gets close to her feels like ending the beautiful moments she creates with her cuteness, gentleness, patience, and friendliness.

On The Dog's Instagram Page, There Are Over 100k Followers

These proud fans like to follow the dog's journey, which is incredibly inspiring and happy.

The dog clearly had a second chance at life, and she is making the best of it.

By the look of things, she is not doing too bad for herself on the social scene either. On her social media page, she can be seen having adorable precious moments with all kinds of friends, both human and non-human.

What Maggie went through was monstrous, but it did not turn her into a monster. If anything, the experience made her more beautiful and made more people drawn to her.

She has nothing but love to give to the world, even after a horrendous experience that could have broken her for good. Her story is heartbreaking, but her recovery is incredibly uplifting.