Pray For Healing, Where It Hurts The Most

Pray for Healing, Where It Hurts the Most

There is no end to difficulties in life. That is a fact that seems tragic and unfair. But as people, we have everything it takes to overcome challenges.

There are times when we feel alone, despite the presence of family and friends. And that is when our fears and doubts can override our better judgment. That is when we are overtaken by the intensity of our feelings.

Hurt and heart-broken

pray for healing, where it hurts the most

It is truly painful because we feel as though no one can help us and nothing more can be done with the damage and trauma a heightened sense of hopelessness and despair brings with it.

Heart-broken to the extent that we become calloused and indifferent to the pain to get on with the immediate details of our life, it is this state for which we need the most healing.

What does it take to heal?

pray for healing, where it hurts the most

It takes a lot to heal. When people judge us for being weak, because we react in a different way that is emotional or disruptive, we do not need to listen to these people.

They lack compassion and understanding because they have not gone through the same difficulties and challenges and have no clear understanding of what a person is going through. They tell that no one was there for them when they were suffering. They suffered in silence, so you must, too. Do not listen to this philosophy.

Suffering in silence will do you harm. You will become one of them. Once you do, you will become a scourge to yourself and others' suffering as well. Have patience, above all.

What can you do to heal?

pray for healing, where it hurts the most

Take a step backward. Breathe in and out. And listen. Listen to the discord in yourself. Do not disrupt the cacophony. One of them is your inner voice trapped and silenced in suffering and hurt by the discord, the noise. Your voice will usually tell you to ask for help.

Look to the right people. Turn to your family and friends. They are your nearest 'neighbors', your keepers. This is where the importance of a support system comes. If you took the time to nurture your relationships, the easier time you will have, healing.

Your burden will not be as heavy. If not, now is the time to start taking your trusted relationships seriously. Prioritize relationships with family and friends. They are your nearest and dearest source of love, guidance, and comfort.

Honor your feelings, Take Responsibility

pray for healing, where it hurts the most

Give honor to your feelings. Do not suppress them. Spend some private moments with yourself to reflect on the source of your pain. It will take some time to find it.

When you do, do not punish yourself. Do not be ashamed. Guilt is a trap and a waste of time and energy. It is not a reflection of your conscience or moral compass. It is a distraction to do the work to start and continue healing.

What you need to do is to take responsibility. Not for the past, because the time that was is already gone. Take responsibility for the way you react to the pain, which is today, the present moment.

It will empower you because you will realize that you are more than your pain and that you acknowledge its presence but took a stand to continue with your life in a meaningful way that is good for you and your loved ones. And most importantly, pray for healing, where it hurts the most.