Potholes Fixed After Guy Draws Dicks Around Them

One guy certainly knows how to get things done. He knew that drawing giant dicks in highly public places would not go unnoticed. There is practically a guarantee that there will be a reaction, and fortunately, in this case, it was a positive one.

Imagine all those times you have seen someone with a dick drawn on their faces. People reacted, right? Also, imagine coming back to see a dick drawn on your dusty windscreen? You wouldn't drive around without getting it washed, or at least wiped off, right?

A guy in Middlesbrough was in on this secret, and he chose to use the trick to draw attention to the deplorable state of the roads in his area by drawing penis pictures on the potholes on the roads in the Acklam area.

Obviously, the man went through a lot of trouble as he made the images on many potholes. But he received a reward for his effort because only a few days afterward, the council had fixed the potholes.

These potholes had remained unattended for several months, but they were fixed within a few days of the distasteful graffiti being put all over them.

A Facebook group called Loving Acklam posted regarding the incident. It noted that the council had repaired the potholes after being there for a year. They called it the power of the Willy. In general, the group seems pretty happy with the way things turned out.

The council admitted that they got to work as soon as they were made aware of the graffiti. But that they only did it because it was a priority.

According to a spokesman for the government outfit, the potholes were fixed on a priority basis, based on the risk they posed to road users. He went on to say that the repairs done on the potholes were already planned.

Obviously, the manner in which things unfolded tells a different story. Everyone can see that the attention-grabbing graffiti had everything to do with the potholes getting fixed.

What is more likely is that the council could not take any more reports from residents about the dick pictures all over the roads.

It is still not known who painted the penises around the potholes in the area. However, everyone agrees that it was about time something was done about them.

The one thing that stands out is that the potholes were fixed pretty quickly after the bold and unorthodox act.

Even though the approach might cause some controversies, it certainly worked brilliantly. No one can deny that fact.