Positively Making Up – Get Ahead Of The Game

Positively Making Up – Get Ahead Of The Game

Breaking up hurts. But we still get over the pain and move on with life. I mean, what other option do we have?

But what if you don't want to move on? What if you want to go back to your ex and make it work? In theory, you just have to call up or meet up with your ex and voice your intentions.

In reality, this is easier said than done, and for one ridiculous reason.

Most People Have No Idea How To Make Up After Breaking Up

If you are your ex's type, taking you back should be easy.


That sounds easy on paper. On the ground, things are quite different.

One thing you have to ask yourself is if you are compatible with your ex. Beyond that, you have to wonder if you are actually great to be around.

Here are a few more tips on being the person your ex would like to get back with.

1. Remind Them Of The Good Times

Before things went south, you must have had lots of great moments together. Bring them up to remind your ex why the relationship worked.


The good times might not have gone on for long, by they meant something special and made the relationship worthwhile. Reminding your ex of these moments can make them more accepting of your suggestion to get back together.

2. Stay Away From The Negative Experiences

Sure, your relationship had its bad moments, and they are all part of your story. But bringing them up when your goal is to make up will not make the process any easier.


But if they come up, be calm as you discuss them, and don't give them more attention than they deserve.

3. Have New Experiences

Focus on the future, and that means doing new things that make you happier. A few joys here and there should help you create good memories that should keep you optimistic about your future together.


Just focus on creating positive vibes and moods, and the chances of ending up together again will be much higher.

4. Stop With The Arguments

Arguing will ruin the tone necessary to make it work with your ex. Arguments bring up bad feelings, the kind that will make your ex less accepting of you.

By arguing, you will also remind your ex of why it was a good idea to break up with you in the first place.


The point is this: focus on the positive. If all your ex sees in you are good things, then the odds of taking you back will rise exponentially. You should make yourself someone your ex wants to be around, and they will not let you slip away. Yes, making up with your ex is that simple.