Positive Signs You Are Arguing With A Manipulative Sociopath, Emotional Psychopath, Or A Narcissist

Positive Signs You Are Arguing With A Manipulative Sociopath, Emotional Psychopath, Or A Narcissist

The world we live in today is considered a global village. We have access to vast information, and you can easily communicate with people from the other side of the world. With enhanced communication, our social lives have improved. However, you could be socializing with a psychopath and not even know it.

Sociopaths can transform themselves into loving partners, perfect listeners, great lovers, or even best friends. They have dozens of faces, each suited for a different occasion and person. When they reveal their true colors, you realize they had been playing with your emotions all along.

Luckily, here are eight simple signs that will show if you're arguing with a narcissist and wasting your time.

1. They always lie and make terrible excuses

We all make mistakes; it's a huge part of being human. When we mess up, we can tell the truth, face it, or tell a lie. Psychopaths are always lying about something. They will tell you one thing today, and the next day, you'll find them doing the exact opposite, and when confronted, they will make up the worst of excuses.

2. They have multiple identities

For every occasion and scenario, sociopaths have a different personality. Even to the same person, they can display these multiple personalities. For example, you could realize who they are and start distancing yourself. At this point, they will begin apologizing. When you confront them, they then turn into ruthless monsters. When you blame them for something, they tend to lose it all and go crazy.

3. They are condescending and patronizing

Most psychopaths think they are superior to you. That is why they believe they have the authority to toy with you and your emotions. When engaged in an argument or even a normal conversation, you'll notice subtle traces of their condescending behavior toward you. They think they are right and you are wrong.

4. They always play the victim

Everyone messes up sometimes. When we do, it is imperative to apologize to those we have wronged. Narcissists always see themselves on the receiving end of other people's attacks. They will always play the victim. If they are the wrongdoers in a certain scenario, they will try and flip it to appear as the victims.

5. They can easily shift their moods

Moods are a great indication of what we're feeling. Because sociopaths have multiple personalities, they also have a set of moods for each personality. Their minds will often battle as to which mood should be on display at the moment. You might realize they go from laughing to crying in a literal second.

6. They lack empathy

Empathy helps us connect with other people at a deeper level and feel their pain. However, narcissists tend to lack empathy; as a result, they cannot show any kindness, compassion, or solidarity.

7. It's their way or their way

In an argument, you have to admit when the other person has a valid point. For sociopaths, this is not the case. They believe only they are in the right, and any thought that doesn't agree with that is simply wrong.

8. They have a skewed view of reality

They live in an all different world. In their heads, they don't have to uphold any societal norms. What is considered normal in their heads would most probably scare and horrify you.