Positive Signs That Every Woman Should Look For In Her Man

Positive Signs That Every Woman Should Look For In Her Man

Life has a painful way of teaching us some very valuable lessons. Most of these lessons are for our own good, like when we give men our hearts and they toy with it. The lesson is, you can't fully trust a man, or can you? Yes, granted, there are men out there who don't appreciate our value as women but concluding that all men are this way is being unfair. I can confidently say that there are good men out there. I am privileged enough to have one.

Here are signs you can use to tell if you have a good man in your life:

1. There's an air of safety when you're with him

A good man doesn't intimidate you or condemn you. He's always there for you. He makes you feel that when the whole world turns its back on you, he's there waiting for you with wide-open arms.

2. He clearly tells you what he wants

When a man doesn't share his feelings with you, let alone his intentions, that's creepy. It clearly shows that he isn't serious about you. If he does let you in on his plans and allows you into his world, he's a man worth being with.

3. He is honest with you

A man who can openly tell you his fears, weaknesses, struggles, and other factors that make him a human being is an ideal life companion. He is realistic and lets you know what to expect when you're with him. Remember, no one is perfect, so you have to hand it to him for being real.

4. He loves you for who you are

A good man sees the real beauty in you. Even when you do not have makeup on or are in your baggy pajamas, he sees you like the princess you really are. Even with all your annoying habits and flaws, he gladly accepts you because he understands that you're human, and he loves you just like that.

5. He understands the importance of little things to you

A good man pays attention to the things that matter to you and accepts them no matter how trivial or unreasonable they may be to others. If he's willing to go the extra mile of learning each of them, understanding them, and treasuring them just as much as you do, he's a perfect match for you.

6. He treats everyone with equal respect

A good man is naturally respectful of others. This doesn't mean he's weak. It means that he knows the beauty of kindness. If he does that for people he barely knows, just think of how much respect he'll show you, a special person who's dear to him.

7. He supports your dreams and ambitions

A man who truly cares about you wants you to be happy. He offers his support for your aspirations and helps you attain them if he can. Since your success doesn't bother him, he won't mind being happy for you when you make it to the top.

8. He cares about your friends and family

A good man genuinely cares about every person who has an important place in your heart because he loves you.