Positive Changes You Notice After Leaving A Narcissist And How To Deal With The Break-Up (Confirmed By Specialists)

Positive Changes You Notice After Leaving A Narcissist And How To Deal With The Break-up (confirmed By Specialists)

Romantic relationships are not always bliss, as opposed to the common belief that they are all good feelings and kissy faces. Everyone has different behaviors or traits that may not always compliment their partners.

Being in a relationship with a narcissistic person can turn out to be intimidating on many occasions.

Narcissists and their behavioral patterns:

Both the introvert and extrovert narcissists radiate a particular charm. Perhaps it is their flamboyance, swanky, or showy nature that attracts the opposite sex in the beginning.

This egotistical and self-centered characteristic can sometimes push their partners off an emotional cliff.

Do narcissists exhibit strong emotional behavior?

A narcissist definitely appears to be a strong person on the outside. However, several psychological pieces of research have revealed that these people are quite emotionally fragile within. This contributes to their calm and phlegmatic temperament their partners have to deal with.

What positive changes can be noticed after ending a relationship with a Narcissist?

1. Rediscover yourself

Breaking out of such a relationship definitely has a lot of positives. You have completely recovered from the heartbreak. Specialists suggest that this is the time to embrace life in its happiest form. Indulging in activities like meeting up with friends, packing up your bags, and exploring a new city or country.

Taking up a new hobby, or just exercising also helps. The more distraction, the faster would be the healing process for both heart and mind.

2. Get a new perspective on life and relationships

People who have gone through agony and pain in a romantic relationship end up seeing the negatives in others too, but this is not true at all. Every situation, person, as well as connection in a relationship, is different.

It is how one acknowledges and perceives it. Once you end your relationship with a narcissist partner and have healed yourself emotionally, with some guidance, you will start to see the world in a new light.

3. Letting go allows you to find a better partner

Once the burden of an unhealthy relationship is off your chest, you can concentrate on yourself and the people around you. While you were trapped in a relationship, it caused too much of an emotional burden for you to sustain yourself or your social life.

When you are independent again, your quest for a better partner can also become a reality, for you are now open and accepting life in its beautiful form.

4. Your stress is released

Being with a narcissist for a long time is challenging. Being involved in frequent arguments, not being appreciated for your efforts, and being nagged at — there are so many stressful moments in your life.

According to psychologists, after one has ended their relationship with a narcissist partner, the first thing the partner experiences is relief. It is the same feeling as if a bird is released from its cage. This, in turn, helps calm down their stress levels.

5. You regain your conscious self

More often than not, a narcissist is capable of changing your belief pattern. They can easily put the blame on you for something they are responsible for. Your reaction to their behavior is termed exasperation.

After ending such a relationship, the partner feels at ease and can analyze the past situations better to conclude what went wrong. This helps with a sense of satisfaction and relief as you find out you were right.

6. You can spread awareness

It is a common observation that influencers of relationships are usually the ones who have personally experienced some pain. Out of their experience, they can spread awareness for others to highlight such problems in their relationships and if required come out of it.

This also serves as a medicine, for people interaction can help them see the pain others are suffering from which may be quite worse than yours.

7. Realize your self-worth

The most important and overwhelming prize you can gift yourself with, once you have let go of your narcissist partner, is getting your emotional balance back.

You must have given up on your self-respect to suffice to your partner's demands. Not anymore! A free life enables you to find the best in you once again and cherish it forever.

How to handle a break-up with a narcissistic partner:

• Give yourself a better value than your partner did — you are worth more than they said.

• If you were in a married relationship and are bound with children, breaking up must not be followed by any kind of interaction over the phone or otherwise. Find a third party to help.

• Even if you end up meeting your partner, you must be calm and not react to their temperamental behavior.

• Keep your loved ones around.