In recent times, subjects of the focus of the photographer’s lens has varied greatly and beautifully from human beings to animals like squirrels. Thereby casting a new light on how animals have personalities of their own. In this case, Geert Weggen’s subjects are red squirrels. Geert Weggen is a famous Dutch/ Swedish photographer. He specializes in taking pictures of animals.

Every day for six years, Weggen took pictures of red squirrels. Weggen uses food to entice his subjects. The squirrels showed up every day for six years because of the food and maybe, for the attention. He leaves things for them at his window, on the porch to see how the red squirrels would act.

Weggen recounts how he started taking pictures of animals. His first encounter with his non-human subject, a fox, started six years ago. He had fed the fox some meat and that was it. The animal kept coming back for more and Weggen kept taking pictures too. After a while, more animals visited and Weggen added props from time to time. He makes use of tiny fun props like mirror, tiny tables, tiny bows and balloons to get the squirrels involved.

Usually, his subjects do not know there’s a camera nearby because of the way the scene is arranged. This makes it easy for the squirrels to approach the scene. Since his studio is linked with the forest, Weggen can take pictures of the animals at different angles with a remote.

Squirrels are tiny and restless animals. The creative process for taking their pictures required patience with the photographer and the subject. The squirrels, at first, didn’t trust the photographer but after a while they did once they knew the food came from him. They visited Weggen’s porch so much, he had to set up a mini studio near his main studio. Weggen must have been enamored with his subjects that he took beautiful pictures of them. Some of his pictures show just how curious the squirrels were. Portraits of the squirrels have been put together, published and awarded.

Recently, Weggen started holding workshops for squirrel photography in his home. The workshop holds twice a year for five days and not many people can be in the workshop as only three people can participate.   His photography skills and techniques in taking pictures of the red squirrels are second to none. He has made sales from his collection of squirrel portraits, postcards on his website and for his masterclasses.